Erin Molan just shared the rather 'inconvenient' timing of her first baby's due date.

Since announcing she was expecting her first baby live on air in December, Erin Molan has been anything but shy when it comes to sharing her ‘warts and all’ experience of pregnancy.

Now The NRL Footy Show host has revealed the ‘inconvenient’ timing of her due date, hinting that her Channel 9 bosses and colleagues might not be too excited to hear when Baby Molan is expected to make its debut into the world.

“I’m due to give birth around State Of Origin I,” the 35-year-old told hit105’s Stav, Abby and Matt on Thursday.

The game – the first of three played every year between Queensland and New South Wales – is set to take place on June 6 at the MCG in Melbourne.

For a sports presenter who hosts the country’s biggest show dedicated to the game, the timing is… less than ideal.

Erin Molan and Beau Ryan
Erin Molan and her Footy Show co-host Beau Ryan. Image via Getty.

"My timing is horrendous, as per usual with most things in life," Erin shared.

"I'm sure work's really happy with my timing."

The soon-to-be first time mum also admitted she is nervous about how to care for her baby, saying she "doesn't know what I'm doing.

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"I just keep Googling 'how to keep a baby alive after birth' and not much comes up so I'm totally stuffed," she said.


"Hopefully instinct kicks in but we'll see... It hasn't served me well in the past."

Last month, Erin was hospitalised after she fell and hit her head at work. Tests confirmed she was suffering from low blood sugar, and scans showed Erin, and her baby, were both healthy and safe.

In January, Erin shared the 'unglamorous' side of her pregnancy with her 159,000 followers, confessing she was sick "almost every day".

"No 'better after 12 weeks' for me unfortunately. I often have to run out of the hair and make up room multiple times unwell," she wrote on Instagram.

"Today - I spent an hour on the bathroom floor unable to get up - and have had to call in sick to work for the first time since getting pregnant...

"Whilst I am very blessed to be carrying a child when so many desperately want to and can't - like most women the reality of this pregnancy is completely unglamorous in ways far too graphic to share properly here."

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Shout out to all Dads.


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