Erin Molan responds to the attention around her glorious engagement ring.

Erin Molan wants to make one thing clear: yes, her new diamond engagement ring is glorious, but it’s not just about the ring.

On Thursday night’s episode of The Footy Show, talk turned to Molan’s engagement to partner Sean Ogilvy, which the sports reporter announced last week.

“I’ve got to say, your ring got a lot of attention,” Paul Vautin said.

“It has,” Molan replied. “It’s not about the ring. It’s about the love. You know that.”


Co-host Darryl Brohman couldn’t resist joking that Molan had never said that before.

However, attention then turned to his own love life as his co-hosts asked him why he wasn’t married.

“I’ve already asked her once. She said no…,” Brohman admitted sheepishly.

“Let’s not go into it.”

Mercifully, his mates obliged.

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Molan announced to the world she had been “pre-wifed” by Ogilvy with an Instagram post that showed off the jaw-dropping sparkler.

While rumours swirled the couple had been received a freebie from the jeweller, it was later revealed the ring, which features a 2.2-carat oval cut centre stone surrounded by a further three carats of smaller diamonds set on an 18k white gold band, was not complimentary – and not cheap either.

It turns out, Erin’s policeman fiancé saved for six months to afford the ring, which cost six figures, The Daily Telegraph reports.

What would you expect your partner to spend on an engagement ring?