Erin Molan hospitalised after collapsing at work on Friday.

Erin Molan has been rushed to hospital after collapsing at work and hitting her head on the ground.

Molan is the new host of Channel Nine’s The Footy Show and she’s currently expecting her first child with her police officer fiance, Sean Ogilvy.

The Sunday Telegraph has reported Molan collapsed while she was working on Friday.

The TV presenter had just returned to the network’s Sydney offices after watching her father, Jim Molan, be inducted into the Australian Senate.

It’s believed the 35-year-old skipped breakfast during the rush to get back to Sydney, and tests have reportedly confirmed she had low blood sugar. Scans have shown the baby is healthy and safe.

Molan announced her pregnancy live on air in December last year. In January, she shared on Instagram that her pregnancy hasn’t been easy.

“This isn’t a ‘pity me’ post… just an FYI for the sake of accuracy!” she wrote.


“I have received so many beautiful comments and messages over the past few weeks about how well I look on TV and that I am glowing through this pregnancy… I obviously appreciate them very much… BUT I feel it’s important for other pregnant women to know that there is a very real and non-glam side to my pregnancy too.”

The sports media personality clarified that her on-air looks were the result of some “VERY talented souls” whose jobs are specifically to make her look camera ready each and every day.

“How I look ready to go ‘on-air’ isn’t how I arrive at work or wake up,” she shared.

“I am sick every single day… no ‘better after 12 weeks’ for me unfortunately. I often have to run out of the hair and make up room multiple times unwell.”

She even confessed she had been referred to jokingly as a “walking corpse” by some of her colleagues, and said most days she stays in bed “ill” for as long as possible before needing to get up and go to work.

“Today – I spent an hour on the bathroom floor unable to get up – and have had to call in sick to work for the first time since getting pregnant…” she shared.

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“I can normally work through anything so I found doing that incredibly hard.”

According to The Daily Telegraph, Erin is suffering from hyperemesis gravidarum, the same condition experienced by Kate Middleton throughout all three of her royal pregnancies.

“Whilst I am very blessed to be carrying a child when so many desperately want to and can’t – like most women the reality of this pregnancy is completely unglamorous in ways far too graphic to share properly here,” Molan wrote.

Molan is set to take over from The Footy Show’s long-time host, Paul “Fatty” Vautin, in just three weeks.