Erin Molan apologises for swearing on live television: "I feel awful."

We’ve all been there. We’ve fallen off a chair in a meeting or tripped over in the street and just hoped to hell that no one noticed.

But imagine doing that in front of a live TV audience?

Last night, sports presenter Erin Molan fell off her chair while she was reading the news live on air. Amazingly, Molan made a full recovery and continued reading the news, without really skipping a beat.

Molan, was covering the Tour de France for Nine News in Sydney, when she suddenly went quiet.

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The audience then heard a loud thud, followed by the word: “Sh*t”.

“The Tour de France, I’ve just fallen off my chair, now I’m all good,” Molan then explained to the audience.

She managed to remain composed and continue reading the rest of the sports news, despite having also split water on herself when she took the tumble.

Afterwards, Molan apologised to her audience on Instagram, writing: “So… tonight was different”.

“I fell off my chair mid @9newssydney bulletin and in the shock of hitting the ground from 1.5m high I unfortunately used a word that isn’t appropriate. I am so sorry for that.

“It was a reflex reaction and Lord I feel awful. Thanks to all the wonderful people who made me feel not as horrendous as I promise I already do. Love you all and again, sorry if any beautiful children heard my terrified reaction.”

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Her fans were quick to comment and reassure Molan about her mid-air gaffe.

“You recovered so well Erin! I’m sorry to say my husband and I were laughing hysterically and we re-wound it a couple of times! You handled it so well though – well done. PS – if the actual footage of what was happening off screen exists PLEASE share it!” one person commented.

“You handled it brilliantly. You owned it straight away, apologised (even though it was an accident) and moved on. Well played,” added another.

“Lol my kids and I loved it. We especially liked the water stain on your top. You’re a great sport Erin and you handled it beautifully.”

We LOVE your work, Erin.

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