Erin Molan: "There is not one iota of truth to any of the speculation."

Television presenter and co-host of The Footy Show Erin Molan has thanked fans for their support after she was dragged into the legal saga involving Sydney accountant Anthony Bell and his estranged wife Kelly Landry.

Bell is currently in court fighting an apprehended violence order lodged by his wife.

Earlier this week, the court heard how he was also confronted by Landry about the nature of his relationship with Molan.

The sport reporter released a statement on Tuesday denying the allegations and calling the situation between Bell and Landry “incredibly sad”.

Anthony Bell and Kelly Landry. (Getty)

Now, she's addressed the issue directly.

"It’s obviously been a really tough week for myself, my fiancé and my family. We are pretty devastated to be dragged into what is a very sad situation, particularly given the insinuation of an inappropriate relationship," Molan said at the beginning of tonight's episode of The Footy Show.

"I can assure you there is not one iota of truth to any of the speculation. It is not who I am and it doesn't reflect the values I possess, and it is not how I was raised."

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The presenter's fiance, NSW police detective Sean Ogilvy, was today called as a witness in the case between Bell and Landry.

He was expected to give evidence about Bell's character and defend his partner against the allegations of cheating.

Erin Molan. (Image: Getty)

"I just want to thank everyone who has sent me messages of support and who has supported me, both publicly and privately. It has meant the absolute world to me and to Sean and it has really helped in what has been a very difficult week," Molan said this evening.

"I don't mean to be self indulgent because there are people out there fighting very very tough battles that are far more serious than mine. Thank you for your support, that's all I've got to say."

Bell will find out in two weeks whether the apprehended domestic violence order against him will be made permanent.