Celeb in 5: Tuesday's best entertainment and gossip news.

1. Why this selfie of model Erin McNaught is good for women.

It’s not all that often we describe selfies as being good for women. But when that selfie raises awareness for a disease that only affects women, we’ll make an exception.

Take former Miss Universe Australia, Erin McNaught’s latest Instagram selfie – on first glance, it looks like her lippy went rogue after eating lunch, or that her toddler accidentally uploaded the pic while she was napping.


But after reading the caption, we realised the smudge was no mistake.

“Cervical cancer is the most common cancer in women under 35, yet 1 in 3 young women don’t attend their smear test!” the 35-year-old captioned the image.

“I’m supporting @joscervicalcancertrust with my #SmearForSmear selfie because every woman should know that smear tests save lives.”

So please, if you’re one of those naughty one in three who’ve been putting off their pap smear, chuck some lippy on and go see your GP ASAP.

LISTEN: Australian Hurdler Jana Pittman speaks to Mia Freedman about the key warning signs of cervical cancer, on No Filter.

2. Only GOT fans will understand why it’s cool that Maisie Williams is going to be a bridesmaid at Sophie Turner’s wedding.

Woah. Maisie Williams a.k.a Arya Stark just casually dropped that she’ll be a bridesmaid at Sophie Turner a.k.a her on-screen sister, Sansa’s wedding in real life.

Speaking to The Radio Times about a completely unrelated topic, the Game of Thrones actress confirmed she’ll likely be holding up Turner’s dress to help her wee at her wedding to Joe Jonas.

“Are you bidding for a role as a bridesmaid at [Turner’s wedding]?” the journalist asked. Clearly she was fishing for some gold, and which she scored when Williams quickly replied with, “I already got it”.


Williams also said they are waiting until they finish filming the latest season of GOT, even though Turner already has wedding fever.

“It’s very very exciting, but kind of bizarre though. [Turner] is already in her little heart wondering and imagining everything.”

Here’s hoping she didn’t do the ole announcing the bridesmaid news before the bride, ruining a perfectly styled Instagram announcement post.

3. The internet is freaking the eff out about Ellen Degeneres’ age.

Today, the collective minds of the Internets were… startled upon discovering, that talk-show host, and lover of dance, Ellen Degeneres will be turning 60 on January 26th.

If you just did a double take… we did too because THAT WOMAN IS NOT 60???

For reference, this is the face of a 60 year old woman…

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Twitter was equally as puzzled.

Same internet friends… same.

4. VERY IMPORTANT CHRIS HEMSWORTH NEWS: He’s in a brand new Crocodile Dundee trailer.

Stop, drop and watch this trailer for a glimpse of one third of Australia’s most genetically blessed family.

While this is actual confirmation that Dundee: The Son of a Legend Returns Home, aka the next installment in the Dundee series is actually real… for a while there nobody knew, and we don’t really know how to feel about this.

The premise is simple, if not a little bit bizarre. Crocodile Dundee is nowhere to be found and his American son lands down under in an attempt to find him with the help of a local – Wally, played by Hemsworth. The true blue Aussie is unimpressed by his new American cohort.


There’s no premiere date listed right now and so far we only have a trailer and a movie poster to sate our thirsty, thirsty appetites, but we’d recognise that jawline anywhere.

Anywhere we tell you.

5. Ed Kavalee speaking about how he met Tiffiny Hall is making us weep happy tears.

There’re very few things we love more than overly investing ourselves in the relationships of celebrities, and in today’s news, Ed Kavalee, 38, cried a bit while saying beautiful, sweet things about wife and celebrity trainer, Tiffiny Hall,33.

Speaking to news.com.au, the new 2Day FM breakfast host started welling up when he started speaking about how he and Hall first met… or more specifically why Sydney airport is quite a romantic place for the pair.

“Every time I walk through Sydney airport, I may get emotional here, but I remember the exact spot … ” he said, getting a bit teary.

“I remember where I was when I called her for the first time. Every time I walk past that spot in Sydney airport it always reminds me.”

Ed goes on to explain exactly how him and Hall started dating, and credit where credit is due… it’s pretty darn cute.