Erin from Married At First Sight addresses wedding ring speculation.

Gotta love a woman with a good sense of humour.

Speculation was rife earlier this week after Married At First Sight star Erin Bateman shared a photo on Instagram that showed her wearing what appeared to be a wedding band.

Commenters where quick to pick up on the glistening ring, many hoping it was a sign that everything has worked out well for her and ‘husband’ Bryce.

Doing absolutely nothing active in my active wear! @lornajaneactive #lornajane #activewear

A photo posted by Erin – Married At First Sight (@erinbateman_) on Apr 20, 2016 at 10:15pm PDT

One user commented “Wedding band on?”

 Erin’s response seemed to indicate that fans may be onto something. “Detectives” she wrote, adding in several emojis including a cheesey grin and an ‘OK’ sign.
He were hopeful. But it would seem the joke is on us, with Erin sharing another photo on Instagram today poking fun at all of us who had our fingers crossed for a REAL Married At First Sight wedding.

Decked out with two fist-fulls of sparklers and holding a cup of coffee, Erin captioned the image “Married At First Sight’s Erin might have accidentally given away the fate of her marriage,” with an ample amount of wedding ring emojis.

She also included the hashtags: “#theres9bitches #demweddingrings #busybeingpregnant #datherniathough”

The last two hashtags refer to comments made on the earlier post, suggesting Erin looked like she might be pregnant.

Many fans were quick to jump in and say there was absolutely no indication Erin was sporting a “baby-bump”. But one user commented wondering if the perceived bump was a “hernia?”

(At least they’re concerned for her health?)

So no babies and no protruding organs. As for her future with Bryce? Well, we’re just going to have to wait and see.

Regardless of the outcome, we’ve loved watching Erin and Bryce on the show. Especially for moments like this…

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