Married At First Sight's Erin has shaved off all her hair and live streamed the whole thing.

Former Married At First Sight contestant Erin Bateman underwent a radical hair change today.

And when we mean radical, we mean, well, see for yourself.

The reality TV star shaved her head completely and live streamed the whole thing on her Instagram.

It was of course for a good cause – Bateman was raising money for the World’s Great Shave.

At the time of publishing, she’d raised over $3300 to help families affected by Leukaemia.

“Thank you to everyone who sponsored me and sent me messages of support,” she wrote.

“I had no idea how many people were affected by Leukaemia until the messages and photos started to flood in.. it was especially hard seeing photos of little kids (some younger than 6) going through chemo – I really had no idea.”

She said she was “so proud” to be a part of World’s Greatest Shave and do her part for those who need it.

Her pony tail will be donated to an overseas company who uses donated hair to make wigs.

Bateman also shared she hoped her new haircut would help her with her own struggle.

“On a more personal note, I’m hoping this is DAY 1 of my journey to overcome my 14 year struggle with Trichotilomania,” she said.

After the live video ended, Bateman went even further opting for a ‘Number One’ shave from her younger sister Laura aka her “extremely unqualified shaver”.

During the shave, beauty loving Bateman had one question for her followers – whether or not she could fake tan her head so it would match the rest of her body.

The answer? Apparently not.

Congratulations to Erin on her fundraising effort and rocking her new ‘do.