In a surprising turn of events, our favourite Married At First Sight couple is still married.


The magical bonds of television romance are well and truly intact, following CONFIRMATION that Married at First Sight’s Erin Bateman and Bryce Mohr are still together.

The couple made an appearance at a party hosted by Season One’s Zoe Hendrix, and Alex Garner to celebrate the first birthday of their baby Harper, and later Zoe shared an Instagram photo that confirmed their relationship status.

Cue relief.

Her post surprised fans of the show, with user @jessicaa__anne commenting, “Omg! They are still together as well..my 2 favourite couples from the show!” and other sharing the enthusiasm, while others were more confused, like @emily.a.rowe, commenting with “is Erin back with Bryce?!?!? They broke up????”

While Erin and Bryce were the only couple that left their season of the show still married, rumours of a split came after Erin’s rather cryptic, and shocking Instagram #throwback post of her MAFS audition video, followed by the all-telling social media unfollowing.


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The caption that had us all guessing read, “oh the journey we call life! What the hell even is my life, honestly I don’t even know sometimes! ???????? MY Married At First Sight Audition video is now up online because it’s good to be ourselves (no matter how awkward and weird) and see what experiences may come from doing exactly that.”

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But, we can now all stop worrying because Erin and Bryce (Berin) are still together, making lasagna, buying groceries, and growing basil… as you were.