"Some days you can feel really rubbish." Former Home and Away star Erika Heynatz talks pregnancy.

Former Home and Away star, Erika Heynatz, 40, is due to give birth to her first baby this month.

Heynatz and her husband, Andrew Kingston, have been married since 2007 and are excited to be bringing their first child in to the world very soon.

Like many women in the limelight, Heynatz admits she has to deal with body pressure as a pregnant woman.

“There’s always going to be pesky photographers around that are determined to strike and make you feel vulnerable,” she tells The Motherish.

Erika Heynatz is proud of her baby body. Image via @erikaheynatz Instagram.

But this down to earth mum-to-be doesn't let it get to her. "Interestingly I just think - being pregnant is such a precious right of passage and I just don't think I can be swayed by any external pressures. My baby's health is my only priority during this pregnancy," she says.

The Australian actress says she has enjoyed the pregnancy experience and is really proud of her body for what it's been able to achieve.

"There's definitely some awkward moments physically speaking but interestingly I feel like I've had a greater sense of body confidence, being pregnant," she says. "I don't think I was prepared at how much I would marvel at how incredible the human body is."

Erika's baby bump. She's amazed by what the human body can do. Image via @erikaheynatz Instagram.

While Heynatz doesn't feel pressure about her appearance, she says she believes that there is a lot of pressure on women regarding how they get pregnant, which she thinks is something we can 'live without'.

The expectant mother talks openly and honestly about the toll pregnancy hormones have had on her mental state and what she does to combat them. Her go-to is pre-natal yoga classes.

"It's so nice to be in a room full of women who are all at various stages of their journey. It really puts your mind at ease because you get to listen to what everybody else's body is doing and have a really good laugh about it, rather than feeling self conscious," she says.

Erika loves yoga. Image supplied.

"Some days you can feel really rubbish and to hear other people say, oh I've got the feet of the week and putting them up and displaying these cankles for the world to see, that makes you feel better," she says.


The eager mum-to-be says yoga helps her to focus on her body rather than losing herself in the external, physical things that are happening.

Heynatz has been very healthy during her pregnancy, food-wise too. She says she hasn't really changed her diet, just upped her intake of oily fish like salmon and red meat due to low iron.

"My obstetrician recommended I increase my fibre and he recommended Metamucil, its psyllium fibre cleanses from within," she says.

She hasn't had any weird cravings as such. Image via @erikaheynatz Instagram.

Being pregnant hasn't brought on any strange cravings for the actress, she says she just craves more of the same things.

"Icy poles, I could eat 10 icy poles a day. I think I did eat 10 icy poles yesterday. And pickles, I've always eaten pickles, now it's just three-six jars at the shops," Heynatz tells

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Heynatz is really excited about becoming a mum. She says one of the things she's most excited about is experiencing it with her own mother.

"I think I'm going to have such a great appreciation for all of the sacrifices she's made. I'm really looking forward to sharing this experience with her," Heynatz says.

"I'm really excited about meeting this little soul who's going to teach me my life's greatest lessons. And also show me the greatest breadth and depth of love. Creating a family is the most wonderful thing I can imagine," she concludes.

How do you feel about body pressures (whether pregnant or not)?