The effortless hairstyle Erika Heynatz depends on now she's a mother.

Model, presenter, performer, actress: Erika Heynatz has done it all. But the one cherished role she’s added to her list recently is “mother” to her little boy Charlie.

Erika spoke to us about her daily routine, and what she does from the moment she wakes to when her head hits the pillow at night.

The Morning Routine.

“I wake up at 6:30am and pull my baby boy into bed for 15 minutes of kisses, cuddles and deep conversation while we stick fingers in each other’s noses, eyes and mouth. It’s a pretty fun way to start the day. “

Makeup time.

“I take a hot water and lemon juice into the bathroom to sip slowly while I do my makeup. It’s a 12-minute routine. I do my vocal warm-up, which doubles as fantastic entertainment for my babe while he sits in the chair.

“A fast and furious hairbrush and a slick ponytail is my go-to style. It’s amazing how it can give you a face-lift when your eyes are hanging out of your head. Then I use foaming cleanser, Elizabeth Arden Pro moisturiser ($130) and sunscreen ($99). Giorgio Armani Foundation ($92), heavy duty IT Cosmetics concealer ($37), lashings of mascara, cream blush and waterproof Makeup Forever eyeliner ($35) smudged out also help.

“I blend a fresh vegetable juice and add my go-to daily health supplement Metamucil, which is made from 100 per cent psyllium fibre, as my fast healthy fix.

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Handbag non-negotiables.

– “Throat Coat organic tea bags, Manuka honey and a thermos during winter to soothe and protect the pipes
– Quest protein bars for a high protein and low sugar energy hit
– Hand wipes because I’m always in theatres, on public transport or in hotels, so I’ve become a little more conscious of having super clean hands
– Highlighter pen, pens and sticky notes – essentials for a list queen
– Carmex lip balm ($6.49) so that I’m always ready to administer lifesaving kisses
– Medela breast pump so I can be a buffet on-the-run for my son
–  YSL Touché Eclat ($63) for the under-eye luggage
–  Snap-lock bag of nuts and fruit
–  Panadol for any headaches
–  Kiehl’s hand crème ($25) for the parched gnarly hands.”

Wallpaper WONDERLAND. One day I’ll get Charlie boy the real thing….   A photo posted by ErikaHeynatz (@erikaheynatz) on Mar 31, 2016 at 2:54am PDT


The Night Routine.

“As a new mama who is back to full time work, I have to be way more organised than usual. I unpack my work bag, replenish the Nappy Bag, lunchbox, thermos, write up my schedule for the next day and lay out clothes for work and charge the phone. Then I bath my babe, while listening and singing along to a Spotify playlist of classical or folk music – a ritual I love, love, love.

“I have a heat pack which I wrap around my neck while I breastfeed, which helps me unwind and lower the shoulders from up around my ears. I have a humidifier that has an aromatherapy oil bit that I fill with lavender oil so the room smells like a day spa. A hot shower and a hot water bottle in the bed to toast it up during winter as I’m travelling solo! If required I administer a herbal tea or a red wine. (Post continues after gallery.)

“I work in musical theatre so I’m tucked up late around 11 to 11:30pm. Phone is on flight mode so it doesn’t make any noise. I read on my iPad in night mode if my brain needs to switch off from work.”

Relaxation Time.

A massage seems like an impossible dream right now, so I use a foam roller to iron out the kinks in my body, and a pocket physio – then have a 10 minute hot bath with Epsom salts. I give myself a facial massage with Sodashi oil to release jaw and forehead tension and moisturise after a long day.

“I always light a Diptyque candle – the John Galliano one ($87) at night. Deep, warm and earthy.  Elizabeth Arden Peel Pads ($79) are a budget-friendly facial in a jar.”

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How did your daily routine change after you had a child?

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