It's the reality TV star and the funny man that the media says are an unlikely couple. But why?

E! News is claiming that there is a new celebrity couple roaming the halls of Hollywood.

That couple would be Real Housewives of New York star Bethenny Frankel, 44, and Modern Family funny-man Eric Stonestreet, 43. They took a picture together at the 2015 CAA Upfronts Celebration Party in New York City (SCANDAL) and got a bite while watching a baseball match on Monday.

The picture is very sweet. All smiles and… closeness.

Look at that happiness!

Neither party has confirmed the relationship, but Bethenny did tweet recently, "I've really changed my mind on something: I think if u have a great textual banter, compatibility is likely."

If the rumours are true, we wish them well on the start of what is hopefully a blossoming relationship.

But, we can't help but notice the press has been using the phrase 'unlikely couple' to describe the duo.

Bethenny Frankel taking a selfie.

But why, we ask, are they an unlikely couple. They both appear on lucrative and successful TV series. They both live in Hollywood and move in similar circles (they met at VIP a party, didn't they?). They're of a similar age and stage in their lives.

If anything, they seem perfect for each other.

Eric took this picture of Bethenny and her co-star on instagram.

This isn't the first time Eric's girlfriends have been called "unlikely." The press were pushing the same word on his rumoured relationship with Charlize Theron.

While there may or may not have been any truth to these couplings, who gave us the right to decide which celebrities are a good match? We're not RSVP. Or EHarmony. Or Tinder (thank god).


So why don't we let them eat hotdogs together at various sporting events and take pictures in peace. They're not unlikely - just a couple.

TAP the pic below to see more of Eric's supposed new lover.

What do you think about the couple?

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