Eric Clapton's son was running around his high rise apartment. The next moment he was gone.

Eric Clapton’s son, Conor, was just four years old when he died.

It was 1991, and the iconic guitarist arrived at a 53rd floor apartment to collect his son from Lory del Santo, the Italian actress who had custody of their son.

It was the first time Clapton was allowed to take his son somewhere by himself.

Clapton had bought tickets to the circus in Long Island, and after a love-filled day returned to the apartment that evening with the intention to commit to being a present father in Conor’s life.

The next day, Clapton had planned to take his son to the Bronx Zoo and lunch at an Italian restaurant nearby.

But they never made it.

That morning, as del Santo waited in her apartment for Clapton to arrive, a window cleaner began working on the apartment’s windows.

Conor, understandably, was excited to see his father, and was running around the apartment.

When del Santo was in the bathroom, with Conor being watched by the nanny, he ran over to the window he would always stick his face against to look outside.

The window had been left open, and the toddler fell to his death.

The apartment belonged to Silvio Sardi, the Italian film producer del Santo was living with at the time.

The accident resulted in Clapton writing the chart-topping songs Tears in Heaven and Circus Left Town, for his late son.

del Santo and Clapton’s relationship began in secret, as Clapton was still married to Pattie Boyd Harrison, and lived with her in Surrey, South of London.

del Santo later had a son with Sardi, named Devin.

The funeral for little Conor took place just two days before Clapton’s 46th birthday.