Would an ad of a model breastfeeding strangers' babies make you go to the gym?

New ads for the US boutique fitness club (read: really expensive gym) Equinox are raising eyebrows.

Jumping on the New Year’s resolution bandwagon, in which scores of people join gyms each year only to stop going mere weeks after signing on, Equinox’s new series of ads exhort people to “Commit to Something”.

OK, sure. That’s fine. So what’s going on with this ad, featuring model and heiress (and daughter of the notorious Patty Hearst) Lydia Hearst breastfeeding?

Yeah, public breastfeeding is still, for reasons I cannot fathom, controversial, but that’s not really what got our attention about this one.

Hearst is breastfeeding twin babies in a restaurant, dress open to the navel and wine-coloured lipstick perfectly applied.

Only they’re not hers. In fact, she hasn’t had any children, so the two clamped on to her nipples are likely to find the experience somewhat thirst-inducing.

Does this make you want to work out?

Carlos Becil, Equinox Chief Marketing Officer, said of the ad:

“The breastfeeding image is my favorite in the campaign. Lydia is absolutely striking and projects the bold spirit of personal commitment.  She and [photographer] Steven Klein went for it and beautifully captured the idea. Whether it’s breastfeeding in public, or other socially relevant issues, this campaign is simply about the importance of commitment.”

Oh, OK.

So what is this one saying? Commit to having more orgies?

Commit to casual sex with multiple partners?

Or this: Commit to joining an Aryan cult?

This isn’t fitness, you guys. It’s life.

Commit to being a Wall Street douche?

I’m sure licking money isn’t good for you.

Leave your best caption for these ads in the comments. Your prize will be the admiration and envy of your peers.

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