Shark Tank's Naomi Simson on motherhood, success and sacrifice.

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“We’re all just trying to be the best we can.”

It’s simple advice – but something all women need to hear, according to entrepreneur, author, mum of two and Barnardos Mother of the Year ambassador Naomi Simson.

Simson, who also appears on Channel Ten’s Shark Tank, founded online gift company Red Balloon in 2001 in an effort to escape corporate life and spend more time with her kids.

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It’s since become a huge success story – but she says being a mother has been the most challenging and rewarding role of her life.

She told The Motherish she was honoured to be a Barnardos ambassador.

“I feel really fortunate that Barnardos asked me to do this. They do really important work; they’re just fantastic,” she said.

“I wanted to get involved in this campaign because it celebrates all mothers and the important everyday challenge we have in raising and nurturing our children and keeping them safe.”

She said the biggest challenge facing Aussie mums today was “trying to do everything with nothing” and that women needed to realise that everyone faced struggles sometimes.

Naomi on the Shark Tank set. Image via Facebook.

“Life’s not perfect – you’re not perfect. We’re all muddling our way through. Life doesn’t come with an instruction manual but the kids won’t break – they’ll be ok,” she said.

“I see young mums trying to be perfect but we’re all just trying to be the best we can. I dropped my son off at school not once, not twice but three times on a pupil free day – it’s absolutely okay. People look at people like me or Janine [Allis] and they think we’ve got it all together, but no one does.


“I haven’t found anyone saying it’s just so easy and life’s a breeze.”

Check out the video below for former Barnardos Mother of the Year Ambassador Mia Freedman's thoughts on motherhood. 

With two almost-adult children, Ms Simson had some important advice for mums with younger kids.

“Be truly present with your children, and give yourself a break,” she said.

Now in its 21st year, Barnardos Mother of the Year is the largest and most recognised campaign celebrating mothers and all that they do for family and children.

Simson joins fellow high-profile ambassadors Lisa Wilkinson, Natarsha Belling, Dr Ginni Mansberg, James Mathison, Dr Kerryn Phelps, Jackie Stricker-Phelps, Renae Smith, Dennis Coard and Debra Lawrence.

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