Emma Freedman (hilariously) reviews the Entourage movie.

“If you’re an Entourage groupie like I am, this flick will fill a hole in your weekend that will have you chuckling and shaking your head at the same time for several hours afterwards.”

SPOILER ALERT. Probably don’t read this if you’re planning on watching the movie. 

Entourage is a series that has infiltrated my home over the past decade, always there for me on Foxtel Planner Tab, recorded for ‘In case of Emergency’ (read: when I’ve had a big night and need comfort TV to make me feel better about the extra six glasses of Pinot I shouldn’t have had the evening before). A series that has magically transported me to another place on many occasion. A place which has a pretty simple motto in my books; Get Rich, Get Famous, Get Laid… Or die trying; which in the escapist playground section of my brain is totally A Ok.

So when news broke of Entourage: The Movie hitting cinemas, I was sold.

entourage movie review
Turtle, Ari, Vinnie, E and Drama are back in the Entourage movie. Image via IMDb.

Truth be told, during my Uni days I would hazard to guess that at least 65% of my study time was spent consuming Entourage episodes, along with Sex and The City, mood dependent, while contemplating writing urgently due essays on Public Policy and Development.

Why not revisit those glorious days, both my sloth youth years where I went out four nights a week and those that the Entourage clan lived and breathed throughout eight fun filled seasons?

So Vinnie Chase (for those playing at home for the first time – the good looking and lady-loving movie star with a kind heart and not much of an idea about the real world) is back in the movie game, after the failure of Medellin, with his Man Crew made up of E (Manager Eric who seems to be on a real roll with the ladies this time around), Turtle (The once chubby driver who now miraculously is a multi-millionaire with a pretty fit rig) and Vinnie’s brother Johnny Chase (Who’s passion for the acting game and his mates well overshadows any slither of talent he thinks he has… or does it?! Ooops spoiler alert!).


Watch the trailer below. Post continues after video.

And their adventures involve pretty much what you would expect; expensive cars, gorgeous women, boobs, copious amounts of alcohol, more boobs, enviable real estate and many a celebrity pal (most of which have great boobs – it’s hard not to look, even as a straight, man-loving woman).

To be blunt, it’s exactly what you think it will be on a bigger, more flashy, more vacuous scale. As one giant, fat episode on a massive cinema screen, it looks bloody awesome.

Click through the gallery below for some celebrity cameos you forgot happened on Entourage. Post continues after gallery.

There had been big chat about all the celebrities due to make cameos in the movie. And on that front, it doesn’t disappoint. Nearly 30 in total!

The best though? Look out for Kelsey Grammar in a perfectly appointed spot that had me LOLing at its appropriateness, Liam Neeson and his foul mouth, and Mark Wahlberg, who as Executive Producer and the guy who this whole charade is based on, lives and breathes the ridiculous lifestyle sold in both the film and series.

entourage movie review
Watch out for a plethora of famous people – including Liam Neeson. Image via YouTube.

The others though? Unless you’re a fan of the NHL, NFL or NBA you’ll be leaning over to your boyfriend asking, “Who was that?” And more than likely, unless he spends every waking minute watching Fox Sports News he’ll mumble something under his breath pretending to know who the super buff jocks are. Some of the others? I got thinking to myself, “I know that vaguely familiar toothy smile” on multiple occasions, wondering if they were wildly successful Hollywood stars that I just couldn’t name, or extras I’d seen in episodes of SVU or CSI Miami. But hey, the eye candy is pretty good.

The star of the show though, and I suspect the real reason this movie was green light in the first place, is Ari Gold. The superficial, angry boss man like no other; so brash and bold with some Gold standard one liners! Jeremy Piven again kills it as the modern day movie King, and I left the cinema wanting to see more. Me thinks we haven’t seen the last of Ari… Or at least I hope not.


Watch Ari’s best moments below. Post continues after video.

Other best bits? Well, the soundtrack is brilliant (especially the feature of Royal Blood’s Figure it Out in the opening scene, which will have you wanting to sell your family to holiday in the Mediterranean on a giant yacht owned by an Italian oil baron). The characters have not deviated off their heady uphill battle to the top of Hollywood. And there are some quality laughs, but to be honest the biggest one came when Ari punches a picture of a cat. Go figure?!

Funnily enough, the movie does have a message. I know, I’m surprised too! And it’s not that the more women you bed, the better at life you are (although I don’t think that’s far off the mark of what was intended to be said). In all seriousness, the characters of Entourage show that at the end of the day, family and friends are the bees’ knees, and sticking together through thick and thin with those you love will really save the day. God, I hate myself for writing that about a movie that I thought would only give me aspirations to quit my job, move to La La Land and book in to see a plastic surgeon.

entourage movie review
The cast in the movie. Image via IMDb.

As a comparison? If you were die-hard for Sex and the City, you probably liked the movies. Same goes here. If you’re an Entourage groupie, this flick will fill a hole in your weekend that will have you chuckling and shaking your head at the same time for several hours afterwards. And if you haven’t seen the series but want to head along? All I can say is I’ve warned you about the boobs!

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Will you be watching the Entourage movie? 

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