The engagement ring that is officially out of fashion.

Got a giant, sparkly rock on your finger? Then sorry to break it to you – but your ring is well and truly passé.

According to a recent New York Post article, huge, traditional diamond engagement rings are now out of fashion and sales are already steadily declining.

In fact, just last month, De Beers, the world’s top diamond company, had to cut their prices by a whopping nine per cent to combat the trend.

Sorry, Kim. Image via Getty.

Wedding website The Knot have also reported that traditional diamond solitaire rings have dropped in popularity over the last two years.

Sorry Kim Kardashian and co – it looks like your (super expensive) bling is out of date.

So what rings ARE in fashion, I hear you ask? Well, it’s all about individuality at the moment – think coloured stones, customised engravings and vintage or personal designs.

(From left) Lady Gaga, Kate Middleton and Heidi Klum's non-traditional engagement rings are on point. Images via Getty.

Suddenly, being on trend in the engagement ring department is less about conformity and all about being unique. And as always, there are a band of celebrities leading the trend.

Think Kate Middleton’s gorgeous sapphire ring along with Blake Lively’s pink diamond, Heidi Klum’s yellow ring and Olivia Wilde’s aqua-coloured band, which she told her partner chose as it “reminded him of my eyes, which is very sweet." Nawww.

Olivia Wilde's bling is on trend. Images via Getty.

But the move away from traditional rings doesn’t mean they’re getting any cheaper – according to the New York Post, couples are actually spending more on the ring than they did in the past.

It’s all very interesting – but something tells me no one’s going to be throwing out their “unfashionable” diamonds any time soon…

Do you have a traditional engagement ring? What do you think of the new ring trend?

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