The bizarre engagement ring trend precisely no one asked for has arrived.

There’s a trend taking off and it’s a little… extreme.

Instead of the traditional diamond-on-a-ring manoeuvre, that has been working seamlessly since it became popular in the 1930s, women are now piercing their ring fingers with diamonds because, eternity?

Images of diamond finger-piercings are flooding social media and the reverberating feeling you’re left with? Sweet but ouch…

That’s right, brides-to-be are opening little boxes to see little diamond finger-earring-things, instead of a ring.

(At least there’s no chance of it not ‘fitting’, right?)

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A few questions:

If it becomes infected, is that a bad omen?

If it falls out, does this mean your relationship is also filled with holes?

Certainly, piercings on fingers are not new but this is the first time we’ve seen so many on ring fingers.

And it’s binding, if nothing else.

Even if the diamond is taken out, the scar will remain forever… A new level of commitment, entirely.

Would you consider an engagement ring piercing?