'My fiance booked an amateur photographer for our engagement photos.'

When you get engaged, most people will tell you there are three important things you should book immediately.

  1. The location.
  2. The reception venue.
  3. The photographer.

For one bride-to-be, the last of those three has become a serious issue for her and her partner in their planning process. The fiance, who goes by the name of DirkNowitzkisWife, has taken to Reddit to voice her concern over the photographer her husband agreed to for their engagement photoshoot.

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She writes, "I got engaged two months ago and have been busy planning a wedding. My grandfather married his current wife 10 years ago, when I was 12. In front of my family today she offered to take our engagement pictures."

And that's where it all starts to go a little bit pear-shaped.

The fiancee says that despite her reservations, her fiance said yes immediately as he though they would save some cash.

"My fiancé was excited about saving money and said we would definitely talk to her. The problem is, she isn't good. she's one of those people who bought a thousand dollar camera, takes black and white pictures, and slaps her name on it," she adds.

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DirkNowitzkisWife feels like she's in a tricky situation because she would rather fork out a bit more money to get a photographer she is happy with. However, she doesn't know how to approach the subject now that her fiance has already said yes.

"I would much rather pay someone to take great pictures and pay some money than my grandfather's wife. We are not close, but how can I broach the topic without offending anyone or burning bridges?" she concludes.

It's certainly a difficult one...

What would you do if you were in this situation? How would your broach the topic with your partner and his family? 

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