The engagement announcement that has finally taken things too far.

Social media has rendered us all over-sharers. There’s pressure – lots of pressure – to up the ante when it comes to sharing personal moments, memories … and engagement notices.

Now, it’s been taken to a whole new level. A Texan couple has given a huge (bloodied) finger to over-the-top, cliched engagement announcements.

They’ve announced their engagement with a mock ‘murder’ scene.

“You get tired of seeing the same old pictures on Facebook and we didn’t want to be stereotypical,” bride-to-be Shi Jarmillo said. “What is the most trusting thing to do with your significant other? To hide a body together.”


The pair met through an online dating site in 2014 and paired with a photographer friend to ‘set the scene’. The shoot was complete with fake blood, a body bag, a ‘dead body’, some suspicious looking poses and a huge stunner of a diamond engagement ring.

“The fake blood we used was really sticky and uncomfortable,” Jarmillo  said. “We found a small water fountain to clean each other off. I’m surprised no one called the cops.”

Now the world knows of their engagement – and their somewhat gruesome imaginations – the couple is planning to continue the theme into their wedding day. Those attending the reception will find centrepieces of “anatomy parts on a mountain of red roses”.

Need we say more?

Just keep it to yourselves, people. Keep it to yourselves.

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