Former Lorna Jane worker suing for 'fat shaming' grilled by judge for "complaining".

A former Lorna Jane worker who claims workplace bullying made her suicidal has been told by a judge at least some of her complaints were “trivial”.

Amy Robinson, who is suing her ex-employer for more than half a million dollars, has not helped her case after airing a gripe about leaving work between 6.01pm and 6.06pm 23 times during her six months as manager of the Brisbane airport DFO store.

“Are you seriously complaining about working an extra minute,” Judge Gregory Koppeno asked Robinson in Brisbane District Court on Thursday, the Brisbane Times reported.

A barrister representing the fitness empire questioned the claims, submitting evidence to the court which showed the 41-year-old often clocked off ahead of her rostered finishing time.

“I would sign out at that time but that would not be the time that I would finish my duties and leave the store,” she countered, adding the overtime caused problems with her childcare arrangements.

Robinson is suing over “fat shaming” comments from the company’s area manager, Megan McCarthy, who allegedly told her to lose weight by skipping meals and chastised her for eating certain foods.


“I just felt really overwhelmed,” Robinson told the court when she gave evidence on Wednesday.

She became emotional when a Facebook post in which McCarthy expressed her disdain for ‘generators’ was also shared with the court.

“I have discovered a new name for the people I despise — I call them ‘generators’ purely because they fill their days generating more problems for me to deal with,” the post by McCarthy from September 2012 read.

It was a name she allegedly used to describe her employee.

“I felt too scared to go to work,” Robinson said.

“I couldn’t sleep. I found it difficult to eat.”

The court also heard Robinson is seeking compensation for a bruised external haemorrhoid she developed after lifting between 60-100 boxes during one shift.

The single mum has not worked four years and is on a disability pension.