Daniel the emotional support duck is the hero we all need this week.

After a particularly dark week in Australian news, one woman and her duck are providing some much-needed light.

Daniel Turducken Stinkerbutt is a red-bootie wearing emotional support duck for 37-year-old Carla Fitzgerald.

Daniel’s soft quacks and gentle bum shakes provide Fitzgerald relief from her PTSD.

The much-loved companion was recently snapped catching a flight with Fitzgerald from her hometown in Milwaukee to Charlotte, North Carolina, and one from Charlotte to Asheville, North Carolina.

Animal writer Mark Essig shared images of Daniel on Twitter, where they consequently spread like WILDFIRE.

Fitzgerald told ABC her feathery companion knows when she’s about to have a panic attack and will even place his feet on her chest as a message to lie down.

Despite his unusual purpose, Daniel was an absolute hit among fellow flyers.

“Everyone just took notice of him and fell in love,” Fitzgerald said.

“I mean, he’s an adorable, funny and sweet little guy. He was very well behaved at the airport and during the flight.”

“I think his little red shoes and Captain America diaper were also really well received.”

Daniel was given the all=clear by the airlines after his owner produced a letter from her doctor confirming the duck was an authentic companion animal.

It’s a quacker of a story and we couldn’t be happier to see Fitzgerald and Daniel arrive safely at their destination.

Feature image via Twitter @markessig.