The 7 emotional stages of getting a new haircut.

We’ve ALL been there. Sitting in the hairdresser’s chair, post-haircut wondering exactly what went wrong.

You had a picture of the celebrity hair you wanted to copy. You thought you spoke hairdresser when you said ‘choppy’ and ‘cropped’ with ‘a few layers’ and they nodded conspiratorially as if they got it. But three hours later, you look up in horror because the stylist has transplanted Carol Brady’s circa 1970s mop onto your head. And then you have all the emotions. So. Many. Emotions.

1. Shock and disbelief

How did you hand over your credit card, pay $200, and make it back to your car before dissolving into tears? Shock.

2. Denial

Maybe it’s not so bad. Maybe you can style it up, work in a little product…

3. Anger

Because you spent two hundred dollars. TWO HUNDRED DOLLARS ON THIS???

4. Despair


5. Guilt

Because you spend $200 on this.

6. Depression

7. Acceptance and Hope

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