The 7 emotional stages you go through when visiting Apple's Genius Bar.

It’s okay if we cry, right?

You’ve never really experienced true pain until you’ve visited the Genius Bar at your local Apple store.

For those who have never needed to go there (LUCKY YOU), the Genius Bar is a tech support station located inside some Apple retail stores, the purpose of which is to offer help and support for Apple products.

So basically you go there when your shit is broken. Not a great start.

It’s a real experience, and emotional experience, and anyone who has ever been there, shattered iPhone/Mac/iPad in hand, will be all too familiar with the various stages of emotion you pass through during your visit.

1. You’re running late and frazzled because you can never get an appropriate time.

“No, I cannot be in the city at 3:25pm on Wednesday. Or 7.30am on a Saturday.”

2. You finally get there and you’re instantly sucked in by the blue shirts.

They look like they know what they’re talking about so you breath a sigh of relief. All will be well soon. You LOVE that blue shirt.

3. They ask you what’s wrong and you suddenly realise you don’t speak technology.

“Um, the spinny thing is stuck and then the bit inside the keyboard is humming and…”

4. Your device suddenly starts working when you try to show them what’s wrong. You feel like a liar.

“I swear it hasn’t been working for the last few days!”

5. When you explain that your Mac keeps freezing and they say “Macs don’t freeze”.

And you start to cry right there in the middle of the Apple store, with a frozen computer screen and not a shred of dignity.

6. You realise that you are literally in a glass cage of emotion.

Because the whole damn building is see through, and everyone can see you losing your shit.

7. Then it’s over. Your device has been fixed. All is good with the world.

And you feel so in love with the human who fixed it for you, you might propose to them.

Does this sound familiar?