All the sweet, funny and cringe-worthy moments from the 2019 Emmys we didn't get to see.

The 2019 Primetime Emmy Awards are done and dusted, meaning our favourite TV stars are now happily slipping their mangled feet out of uncomfortable shoes and hopefully rewarding themselves with a glass of wine and a piping hot cheeseburger.

The thing is, we all know the very best award show moments are not always captured on camera during the main broadcast.

With that in mind, here are all the sweet, funny and downright cringe-worthy moments you missed from the 2019 Emmy Awards.

Jenny McCarthy’s dignity was the first casualty of the night after a red carpet encounter with Christina Applegate.

The Masked Singer panelist and notable anti-vaxxer Jenny McCarthy was let loose on the Emmys carpet with a mic in hand for Fox’s pre-show coverage, but her interviews were anything but smooth sailing.

Things got awkward when actress Christina Applegate, who was nominated for the hit Netflix series Dead To Me, stopped for an interview and Jenny asked her what it felt like to finalllllyy be nominated as a lead in a TV show.

Which would have been lovely, of course, except for the fact that Christina has been nominated twice already as a leading lady for her comedy series Samantha Who? 

“We don’t have to talk about that,” Christina said, casting a little bit of shade, before heading onto her next interview.

In an equally unfit-for-TV moment, Jenny also asked Veep actress and Best Actress nominee Julia Louis-Dreyfus to perform her signature Seinfeld Elaine dance for the camera, a request which Julia promptly refused before scuttling quickly away.

If you watch the rest of the red carpet broadcast on other stations, you can see a lot of other celebs seemingly skirting around Jenny McCarthy as they make their way into the ceremony…

Jameela Jamil was hiding a secret weapon in her purse, in the form of string cheese.

Jameela Jamil is always good for a wacky red carpet story, remember that time she sneakily wore jeans underneath her voluminous couture gown? Well, this time around in her clutch purse she had stowed her phone, her lipstick, and an emergency snack in the form of string cheese.


“This won’t keep me going for long, but it’ll keep me from punching a celebrity in the face,” Jameela could be overheard saying on the carpet as she made her way through the press pit.

The emergency snack could have had been to do with something else you might have missed from watching the red carpet coverage, which was that leading into the glam Emmys event Jameela was so sick she needed to be hooked up to an IV.

The Central Park Five walked the press line at the Emmys and gave the best interviews of the night.

Celebrated director Ava DuVernay brought the Central Park Five to the Emmys as her dates.

The real-life stories of Antron McCray, Kevin Richardson, Yusef Salaam, Raymond Santana and Korey Wise — who were wrongfully convicted of assaulting and raping a woman in Central Park in 1989 — inspired her award-winning Netflix mini-series When They See Us.  

On the red carpet, Yusef Salaam could be heard telling the press, “I think it was the most important thing for us to see each other’s stories because we hadn’t even talked about this. We never spoke about what our experiences were like.”

Pre-award show red carpets are notorious for awkward interviews and on-screen missteps (see Jenny McCarthy’s shining moment above) but it was heartening to see that in this case, everyone was on their very best behavior both on and off-air.

A particular stand-out was Giuliana Rancic, the longtime host of E!, who often gets a bad rap because of her interview style. However, this time around she truly impressed and surprised Ms. DuVernay on camera when she addressed each of Central Park Five by name when greeting them.

Listen to hosts Laura Brodnik and Kee Reece talk about the best and most awkward moments from the Emmys 2019 red carpet on Mamamia’s daily entertainment podcast The Spill. 

The big fashion faux pas media outlets were yapping about didn’t actually happen.

If you read a few of the more hysterical headlines that were floating around you would be forgiven for thinking some of the actresses attending the event had suffered a bit of an emotional breakdown on account of their similar styled dresses.

Actresses Mandy Moore, Susan Kelechi Watson and Taraji P. Henson all wore the exact same colours, pink and red, in slightly different silhouettes.

But while some outlets branded the matching dresses an embarrassment, Mandy’s Instagram tells a different story…


View this post on Instagram


Always happy to be here and twinning with my girl, @susankelechiwatson.???? Thanks for having us @televisionacad! #Emmys

A post shared by Mandy Moore (@mandymooremm) on


Wait, after watching the Emmys does everyone just think Billy Bush is okay again?

Former TV show host Billy Bush has been out of the spotlight since 2016, after audio footage from behind the scenes of Access Hollywood leaked that showed him laughing while Donald Trump boasted about grabbing women “by the p*ssy”, he lost his job as the host of the Today show shortly thereafter.

According to The Hollywood Reporter’s there was “big buzz” for Bush’s first carpet appearance in a number of years as he walked onto the Emmys carpet to do interviews for Extra. 

Bush told The Hollywood Reporter that doesn’t “know any of the nominees” so I am sure his interviews turned out as well as could be expected.

The Game of Thrones cast were just a hot, emotional and hilarious mess from start to finish.

According to E! News, who had people on the inside, the Game of Thrones cast spent the night emotionally huddled together for what will be one of their very last award shows.

Actress Sophie Turner practically crash tackled her on-screen brother Kit Harington and have him multiple big hugs. The rest of the cast were also excited to see him, namely because it was Kit’s first public appearance following his treatment at a mental health facility earlier this year.

Vanity Fair reported that the Game of Thrones gang stuck very close together backstage following their Best Drama Series win as they navigated the interview circuit as a team.

The cast members all held on tight to their Emmy statues as they entered the press room…except for Nikolaj Coster-Waldau who stood on the press stage holding an ice-cream he had swiped from the media dessert table.

And finally… RuPaul had a slightly tense exchange with a reporter backstage who questioned the team behind his hit show RuPaul’s Drag Race.

During the backstage press interviews, Essence reporter Danielle Young asked Best Reality Competition winner RuPaul about the lack of diversity among the show‘s staff, as everyone standing beside him in the interview appeared to be white and male.


“First of all, the host of our show is black, gay, and a drag queen. So check, check, and check,” RuPaul said in reply. “But we’re pretty diverse. Yes there are lots of different types of people here. It wasn’t easy getting here. You know what I had to do. Some of the things I’m not going to say up here… by the way, where’s my Essence cover?”

RuPaul then went on to mention one of the show’s producers, a black woman, who died two weeks ago and posthumously won tonight.

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