Emma Wiggle has finally addressed rumours she is pregnant with husband Lachy.

There is only one thing we get more excited about than a Wiggle Wedding. And that, my friends, is the potential for a Wiggle Baby.

When Emma Wiggle (Yellow Wiggle, real name Emma Watkins) dropped a massive hint at the beginning of last month that she and hubby Lachy (that’s Purple Wiggle, real name Lachlan Gillespie) might be expecting, we were so excited our brains practically turned to mash potato.

???????????????????? #staytuned

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But, alas. It seems the world isn’t quite ready for a very Wiggly baby just yet.

And, most importantly, neither are Emma and Lachy.

“I get asked if I’m having a Wiggles baby at least twice a day,” Emma told Kidspot in a recent interview.

“I don’t think people realise that I get asked every day. Even at restaurants, going for dinner or breakfast, I get asked there too.”

The Wiggles - Emma and Lachy aisle
Emma and Lachy were married in 2016.

As annoying as that sounds, Emma has chosen to put a positive spin on the interest in plans.

"It's really nice that everyone is excited," she said.

"The enthusiasm is lovely and Lachy and I would love to have children, but I still feel like I need to work out my touring schedule."

emma wiggle lachy wiggle
Emma and Lachy would love kids...but not yet. Image via Instagram.

Oh, and add in the fact that Emma is only 27, which means she's got "heaps of time".

"I also think people forget that I'm still quite young...I might just wait for a little bit."

So, you can pop those dreams of a mini Wiggle into the backseat of the Big Red Car, and wave them goodbye as they drive off into the distance.

For now, at least.