Emma Watson cast as Disney princess. Fans can't contain their excitement.

What a perfect choice.

Disney has somewhat made up for the horrible casting decisions they made for Grease Live with their latest casting-related announcement.

Emma Watson – part time Hermione, serious actress and incredible feminist warrior – has been perfectly cast as Belle in an adaptation of Beauty and The Beast.

The real life faces behind Disney’s villains? Mind = blown.

Emma Watson beauty and the beast
The perfect choice, no? Image via Tumblr.

After Disney announced their excellent decision on Monday morning, Emma did the same – making us and the rest of the Internet very, very happy.

The Beast is yet to be announced, but we’re already sold. Sucks to be Grease Live. We know exactly what old-school adaptation we can’t wait to watch.
2015 will be the year many of our favourite Disney princesses come to life, with a live-action version of Cinderella set to be released in March.
 Yeah Emma, we’re excited too.