The terribly awkward mid-interview gaffe that had Emma Watson "dying inside".

In 2012, Emma Watson was 22, the world still struggled to see her as anything more than Hermione Granger and she absolutely did not know her late-night television hosts from one another.

Which wouldn’t have been a problem if she wasn’t actually appearing on said shows.

This week, as Watson was interviewed on The Jimmy Fallon Show, the host and the actress reminisced on the very first time they met, in an exchange that Watson said had her “dying inside”.

“Welcome back to our show, is it all flooding back to you?” Fallon posed as the actress graced the screen.

“The trauma, the post-traumatic stress of my last performance on The Jimmy Fallon Show,” she admitted.

“Last time you were on the show, we just had met, and you couldn’t be nicer and sweeter and gosh I’m a fan of yours,” Fallon told her. “You came out and I gave you a compliment,” he added.

And, like anyone with fabulous social skills, Watson kicked back with her own compliment. Well, what she thought was a compliment, anyway.

“Before you even start[ed] the interview, I just drove straight in there and said ‘I love that Halloween candy thing that you do’ and there was just silence,” the actress recalled.

Trying to amend what was growing to be an increasingly awkward exchange, Fallon tried to fix situation by acting a tad casual: “The Halloween candy thing, is that right?” he told her. “That candy corn thing?”

“No, when you get kids and you trick them,” she said.

“And I said, that’s Jimmy Kimmel,” Fallon added.

Because there’s nothing that gets your interview off to a better start than not knowing who your host is.