"We haven’t spent a day apart since 2012." Emma Wiggle opens up about her wedding.

Earlier this month, our two favourite Wiggles got married in front of almost 200 close family and friends – and Australia could not have been more excited.

Yellow Wiggle Emma Watkins, AKA feminist icon and object of affection for toddlers everywhere, married Purple Wiggle Lachy Gillespie, and although they didn’t wear skivvy’s, it was a very Wiggly affair.

Red Wiggle Simon Pryce was one of Lachy’s groomsmen, Blue Wiggle Anthony Field played the bagpipes, and even the cake had a yellow bow made of icing.

Stop it! Image credit: Lara Hotz. 

But we wanted to know more from Emma about her wedding day, what it's like working with her husband, and what's next for The Wiggles.

Was your wedding day everything you expected it to be?

"I don’t think so… but that’s because I didn’t have any expectations, even though we organised it ourselves, I didn't really imagine what it would be like all together!

"At our reception I had imagined a friend of ours playing the piano calmly to introduce our bridal party into the room. And as Lachy and I got closer to the room all we could hear was cheering and clapping, it was so loud. I didn’t think it would be so much fun and everyone was singing along to the piano that was also being drowned out by the cheers of the guests."

What was the most special moment of the day?

"Anthony, the Blue Wiggle, wanted to play the bagpipes to lead me into the ceremony, and he practiced every day for 6 months. It was quite a long walk from our bridal cottage at Hopewood House to the ceremony garden and just spending that time trying to relax, walk and listen to the bagpipes was beautiful.

"I was relieved to finally see him..." Image credit: Lara Hotz. 

As soon as I saw all of our family and friends I started crying and then as I saw Lachy for the first time that day I noticed he had been crying too. I was relieved to finally see him and then we just cried together, oh dear. But it was beautiful."

What was the most emotional moment of the day? 

"There were two moments - During the ceremony we spent a moment remembering some of our relatives and friends who couldn't be there as they have passed away. My beautiful Nana, Edith Royal, was the most beautiful lady and I had placed one of my Nana’s handkerchiefs in Lachy’s suit pocket. Lucky I did because we both needed it in that moment of the ceremony.

"We spent a moment remembering some of our relatives and friends who couldn't be there as they have passed away." Image credit: Lara Hotz. 

"Lachy and I also signed our vows to each other using ASL, American sign language. Just using our hands and faces was an incredibly emotional and powerful way to express our feelings. It became a moment of movement and dance to show our vows to everyone and really Lachy and I were the only two understanding the meaning of the signs."

Are you and Lachy going on a honeymoon? 

"We are already back on tour, travelling around Australia for The Wiggle Town tour, which is so fun. This is one of my favourite times of the touring year, travelling around all of Australia seeing all the children and their families.


Later in the year after the New Zealand tour we are going to take a quick honeymoon to Tasmania. Just Lachy and I and a car driving around seeing the beautiful scenery, walking, horse riding and cooking. It will be so relaxing."

"Later in the year...we are going to take a quick honeymoon to Tasmania." Image credit: Lara Hotz.

What's it like working with your partner (now husband)?

"It’s wonderful! We have been touring together for about 6 years now, starting on the Dorothy the Dinosaur show, becoming wiggly dancers and now Wiggles. A lot of the time Lachy is helping me with my singing and I am showing Lachy new dance steps. We haven’t spent a day apart since 2012 and we are so, so close, it kind of feels weird when we do have a moment away from each other."

What do you think of the criticism The Wiggles sometimes get because Emma wears a skirt and not pants?

"When Anthony first asked me what I wanted to wear as a Wiggle I immediately said “a skirt, please!!!”

"I could have worn pants if I wanted to but I didn’t even consider it. Predominantly because I love wearing dresses and skirts and don’t own a pair of jeans! I wanted to wear something that I felt comfortable in and that represented me. I love dancing in dresses because the dress moves with the movement.

"When Anthony first asked me what I wanted to wear as a Wiggle I immediately said “a skirt, please!!!” Image credit: Lara Hotz. 

"Now at the shows we have seen a whole new generation of not just girls but also boys coming to the shows and dressing up as ‘Emma Wiggle’ or inspired the ‘look’ of Emma Wiggle wearing yellow and black, yellow tutus, bow ties, shoe bows and a range of hair bows."

What's next for The Wiggles?

"Firstly we have brand new TV series, Wiggle Town, premiering on ABC in June! Towards the end of the year we are releasing an ‘Emma Wiggle’ DVD and CD called ‘Dial E for Emma’, and I’m really looking forward to this release that has lots of dancing, dress ups and sign language.

My bow phone rings and I get calls from members of the Wiggle community, the ballet troupe, Irish dancing group, Prince Lachy, Dr Cornea the Optometrist and the pigtail polka dancers."

It sounds like a lot of work, but it also sounds like a lot of fun.

Watch The Wiggles in action.

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