Emma Stone has responded to the teen who invited her to his prom.

Actress Emma Stone has responded to a US high school student’s viral video invitation to attend his prom with him.

Unfortunately, the 28-year-old is unable to attend, but she did take the time to write the Arizona teen a heartfelt letter of gratitude.

Student Jacob Staudenmaier – who happens to also look a little bit like Ryan Gosling – recreated the opening scene from La La Land in his ‘promposal’ to the star.

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The 17-year-old replaced lyrics in the song, ‘Another Day of Sun’ with ones he wrote for Stone.

“Jacob Staudenmaier is my name/ Emma Stone if you came/ I think I’d lose it, Go insane/ We’ll have to see . . . So maybe I could buy you dinner?/It’ll make my night and maybe make yours too-o-oo,” he sings in the video that’s been viewed more than 400,000 times since he uploaded it to YouTube earlier this week.

While appearing on Good Morning America on Friday, the aspiring filmmaker shared with viewers the letter he received declining his invitation.

The teen revealed he watched La La Land three times. (Image via YouTube.)

"Jacob, thanks for making the greatest proposal I have ever received. I can’t tell you what an honour that was and how much I smiled through that entire beautifully orchestrated video," the letter read.

"I’m in London working, but I hope you have the best time at prom, and I’m grateful you thought of me. Thank you."

"P.S. I do see Gosling around the eyes. Love, Emma."

We think that's just about the nicest let down we've ever heard.

Watch Jacob's 'promposal' to Emma Stone here: