Emma Stone's BAFTA outfit is all your childhood dreams come true.

There are few moments more significant as a young child than the moment your mum tells you you can now have a hand in choosing what to wear each morning.

Intoxicated by the power – and with no awareness or regard for style ‘rules’ – we want it all.

We want to wear our pyjamas WITH the tutu skirt, pair print with print with print and basically wear four different outfits all in one.

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Unfortunately we rarely came out victorious. Until now.

To all the people who were told as children that you can only wear pants OR a dress, your time has come.

And it’s all thanks to Emma Stone.

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The La La Land actress just validated your five year old self's fashion sense by wearing a dress with pants. On a red carpet, no less.

This isn't just any dress-and-pants combo either. This is Chanel - and sparkly Chanel at that.

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Told you, Mum.

The 28 year old wore the modern combo to the British Academy of Film and Television (BAFTAs) overnight, where she was swiftly gifted with not one, but two awards for fighting for the style rights of young children everywhere.

Stone clutching her services to toddler style award. (Not really) Image: Getty

Ok, we're kidding. They were actually for Best Actress and Best Film for La La Land, but that's besides the point.

A favourite of high fashuun street style stars, the dress and pants outfit may not be conventional, but it's actually highly practical.

I just started meditating. Can you tell?

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For one, you can do cartwheels and handstands freely without worrying about flashing one. It's also a handy way to keep warm without having to wear tights.


If you're a little intimidated, follow Stone's lead and go for a matching dress and bottom for an easier-to-pull-off outfit.


Oh, and don't forget to send a picture to your Mum with the following message.

"It's called LAYERING, Mum - and Chanel is all about it".


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