Emma Lung tells all about her 'traumatic birth' experience.

Every parent has nightmares about it happening to them.

Wonderland actress and new mum, Emma Lung has opened up about her traumatic birth story, describing the first 24 hours of her child’s life as ‘the best and worst day’ of her life.

Lung gave birth to her son, Marlowe James Zalapa, on April 5 this year.

“It was an emergency forceps and he came out not breathing and limp. It was a very very scary first 24 hours but he bounced back remarkably well,” the 33-year-old told The Daily Telegraph.

Baby Marlowe. Image via @emmalung Instagram.

Since Marlowe got through those scary first hours of his life, Lung hasn't stopped gushing over him. She told the publication that she though motherhood was amazing, as well as, very challenging. Describing  her birth as 'pretty traumatic'.

“The fact that I’m feeling as good as I am now is surprising. It is extraordinary how quickly the body heals and here I am with a glass of champagne," she told The Daily Telegraph.

Lungs husband, Henry Zalapa spoke to The Daily Mail in April saying that the time immediately after the birth was tough.

"It was a stressful start and a stressful birth but Emma is fine and he is happy and healthy and everything is good," he told the publication.

Henry Zalapa and Emma Lung.

In the same interview Zalapa beamed about how natural Lung was at being a mother, and spoke about how much they were enjoying being parents.

Lung has completely jumped in to the working mother role though and is filming a campaign for The Butterfly Foundation this week. It is to support people with eating disorders.

After a traumatic start, it seems the Australian actress has settled in to her motherhood role and all will be smooth sailing from here.

What's a traumatic story you've experienced (during birth or personally)?

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