AFL WAG Emma Hawkins once had a role in one of our favourite Aussie shows.

If you’ve been re-watching the Chris Lilley classic We Can Be Heroes on Netflix and think there’s a face you recognise but just can’t place, we may be able to help you out.

That friend of Ja’mie’s that looks a lot like Yellowglen lifestyle director and AFL footy player Tom Hawkins’ wife, Emma Hawkins? Yeah, it’s definitely Emma Hawkins.

The mum-of-one cleared it up on Instagram this week.

“I have had so many people asking if I was Ja’mie’s friend on We Can Be Heroes lately – as it’s doing the rounds on Netflix,” she wrote alongside an image of her with Chris Lilley in character.

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“Well, yes… I guess you could say I was a teenage actor – similar to The Olsen Twins or Hillary Duff,” she joked.

“We have obviously all gone in very different directions with our lives.”

Hawkins, who was in Year 10 at the time of filming, said she had “no idea” what she was doing, or that she was working with a “comic genius”.

“It was such a fun experience,” she added.

“I never pursued acting… Or it didn’t pursue me? I cant remember the finer details (it was [definitely] the latter).”

If you haven’t watched We Can Be Heroes (go do it) it follows a group of fictional characters who have each been nominated for the Australian of The Year Award.

Have you recognised any famous faces from classic TV shows?