This detail about Emma from Friends has fans freaking out.

It’s been nearly 15 years(!) since the last episode of Friends aired but the love for the show is still strong, even if most viewers are watching old episodes for the billionth time. 

The internet is always full of fans sharing various theories and bloopers and even some of the more problematic storylines. But this time, everyone’s talking about baby Emma.

Why? Well, even though our obsession with the show has endured, the inevitable passing of time since the finale has original fans of the show feeling, well, a little old.

Ross and Rachel’s baby, Emma, is living proof of how much time has passed. And Twitter user @justlucyslife gave us all pause after pointing out how old Emma from Friends is now:

In ‘The One With The Cake’, the gang celebrate Emma’s first birthday and film a video for her to watch on her 18th birthday. In 2020.

Yep... we feel ancient.

So that cute little bub is about to turn 18...


Emma was actually played by twins, Noelle and Cami Sheldon, who are still acting today.


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Ross’ son Ben from his first marriage to Carol is also very much grown up.

This cute little guy is now 26.

Ben was also played by twins, Dylan and Cole Sprouse, who are now superstars in their own right.

Cole currently plays Jughead Jones in Riverdale and dates his co-star, Lili Reinhart.


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Dylan is also an actor and dating Victoria’s Secret model, Barbara Palvin.


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If that wasn’t enough to make you Oh. My. Gawd. à la Janice, here are a few last details, FYI: Ross would be 52, Monica's ex-boyfriend Richard would be 71 and Phoebe's triplets would've celebrated their 21st.