How Emma Freedman wakes up looking like Emma Freedman.

Come on, who wouldn’t?

When it comes to getting out the door quickly in the morning, Radio presenter Emma Freedman, 27, is kind of a pro.

She has to be, really, with all those years of hectic media commitments and ambassador duties under her belt.

The bubbly and down-to-earth media personality recently took the time to chat to Mamamia about her beauty routines, healthy brekkies and her worst-ever beauty disaster.

She can get ready like a pro.

What’s the first thing you do when you wake up in the morning?

Exercise. Run, yoga or training with my PT. I feel it sets a good tone for the day. It wakes up my body and my mind. And it means I’m not thinking about it all day – I’d talk myself out of it otherwise.

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Do you have tricks for getting out the door quickly in the morning?

Being organised is essential. I try not go to bed with the house in a mess because that just makes the morning crazier! I dont fuss too much about what I’m going to wear that day or about trying to be too fussy about my hair or my face. Simple and easy is best so it usually involves a pony tail and simple makeup. I keep my work bags more or less packed by the kitchen bench so they are ready to go and always have a snack in the fridge ready to take as well.

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What’s your morning routine on the weekend in comparison to a workday?

Weekends are pretty different to weekdays! I won’t set an alarm, but when I wake up I’ll try and do some exercise. Otherwise my boyfriend and I might just head out for a walk and then grab breakfast. It’s a much more relaxed affair! I don’t put any makeup on for weekend mornings. It’s gym gear and a clean face.

What are your essential beauty products?

It’s all about good quality skincare for me – specifically a great cleanser and moisturiser. I’ve had troublesome skin in the past which made me stress more about my appearance and makeup regime. If your skin is in good order, you don’t have to worry as much about makeup! Having said that, I groom my brows everyday so a good quality, long lasting brow pencil is a must. Plus I have very fair, blonde eye lashes – mascara is definitely my friend.

Emma Freedman is passionate about good-quality products.

Can you describe your beauty mantra in three words?

Fresh – I like my skin to look dewy and clean, so even my make-up looks reflect that. Consistent – whether it be hair, skin or body, nothing will look its best without sticking to something. Fun – I love having fun with make-up and hair. Day to day I pretty much do the same thing but I love trying new looks. You’re only young once!

We need some inspiration, what’s your go-to breakfast?

Weekdays I’m a smoothie job, weekends I love porridge with fruit or for a very indulgent treat a delicious croissant.

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What’s your worst beauty horror story and what did you learn from it?

I’ve had a few! But pre-Logies last year my skin was a disaster – it was red, inflamed and infected and the breakouts were out of control. I sought professional help, which solved the problem. From that instance though I learnt a few valuable lessons. Your health is everything and if it’s not in order, it will show even in your skin! Being religious about taking care of your skin is a must – it really does keep things regulated. And touching your skin when it’s not in the best shape is an awful idea. Leave it alone!

How do you get ready in a hurry?

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