Emma Freedman shares what she gets attacked for the most.

Being in the spotlight can be a tough gig, even more so when you’re in the media, like Emma Freedman. Despite being one of Australia’s most loved radio hosts like anyone, she isn’t immune to some criticism every now and again.

And Freedman has just shared what she gets picked on for the most.

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“For me it’s probably my voice,” 27-year-old to News.com.au.
“Some people can’t hack my voice. They find it annoying or they find it grating but that’s the voice I’ve been given, I can’t change it. I think, ‘Well that’s your opinion and if you want to spend your time behind a keyboard each day bashing people, well good for you’.”

The former Dancing With The Stars winner went on to say that being picked apart online is “a very sad part of this industry”. Thankfully, she is sensible enough not to spend too much time dwelling on it.

“I find that when you’re on social media too much, you just tend to be, not a better version of yourself, you become a very critical version of yourself,” she said.

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