'We'll be meeting our own Rundle Bundle!' Emma Freedman shares her pregnancy news.

Radio personality Emma Freedman, 29, has announced she’s pregnant, five months after marrying asset manager Charlie Rundle. The excited radio personality shared her news on Instagram this morning, with a recent photo of her and her husband.

“We are thrilled we’ll be meeting our own little Rundle Bundle in late May next year!”, Freedman began in the caption of her photo.

“Charlie and I are so excited and can’t wait to experience all the love, joy and challenges of parenthood.”

Explaining that the photo of the couple was taken on the weekend, Freedman pointed out that her pregnancy could be seen in it.

“This snap was taken on the weekend with the slightest hint of a bump!”


The couple’s beloved pet dog, Utah, also got a mention in the post.

“We’ll also be sharing all of this with Utah, of course! Our fur baby is amazing with children, and I have a feeling he already knows what’s up – my now very regular afternoon naps have been shared with him resting his head on my tummy.”

Freedman shared more details of her pregnancy this morning on the Triple M Grill Team radio show, which she co-hosts.

“It hasn’t been an easy pregnancy, there’s been lots of ups and downs,” she said, revealing that she once had to stop on Oxford street due to morning sickness.

“The early mornings have weirdly actually been okay. It’s more in the afternoons I start to feel pretty crook.”

Freedman also admitted to having “citrus cravings”, and that the recent Spring Racing carnival had been challenging to attend, especially as she had to pretend she was drinking soda water because she was “working”.

The couple have decided not to find out the gender of the baby, preferring to keep it as a surprise; although, Freedman admitted she likes the name ‘Lotte’ – short for Charlotte – for a girl, and her husband likes the name Jack.

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