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"I don't know where to start." Em Carey has returned to social media after a three-month hiatus.

Walking paraplegic Emma Carey has returned to Instagram after a three-month hiatus.

It’s great news for the 26-year-old’s 153,ooo followers, who have watched and been inspired by her recovery journey from a skydiving accident in 2013 that left her with no feeling in her legs.

However, “The Girl Who Fell From The Sky” can give very little detail on why she stopped posting back in December, citing “legal” issues.

Listen: Emma told her story to Holly Wainwright.

After simply posting a photo of her smiling face late last week with the caption “New life, who dis?”, Emma has offered a more lengthy explanation of her hiatus in a post on Tuesday morning.

“I don’t know where to start or how to explain what’s been going on. Partly because I don’t really want to go into it but mainly because I’m not even legally allowed,” she explained to followers.

“All I’ll say is a legal case I was dealing with came to an end after a really long time and it brought up a lot of things for me.”

The Sydney woman hinted that the legal case had been resolved, but hasn’t provided any details of the case or what it was regarding.

In June 2013, Emma was five days into her European backpacking holiday when she was involved in a horrific skydiving accident over the Swiss Alps.

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The parachute didn’t open properly on her tandem skydive, yet miraculously she survived the drop from more than 4.2km above. She was, however, left paralysed and initially unable to walk.

While she has learned to walk again, she has no feeling in her legs and has other health issues relating to her paraplegia.


Emma said on Tuesday that she had imagined feeling “relief” when the legal case was over, but she doesn’t.

“I always thought that when this certain area of my life was over, that I would feel overjoyed and full to the brim of relief.

“But the closing of this chapter left me an absolute mess and I experienced something I never had before… I completely lost the ability to feel.”

The blogger and artist said lately she had been struggling to feel emotions, such as happiness and sadness, but is now “back” to her old self.


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Sometimes ya just gotta lol at life ???? Yesterday morning I was sitting on the floor packing my bag and was about to run out the door to catch a flight. As you can probably tell from the half-packed bag still on my floor… I never made my flight. I tried to stand up and all of a sudden my knee locked and I couldn’t straighten it. I yelled out to @elle_fit to come and help me straighten it and we did. I thought it was fine but as soon as I tried to put weight on it, I felt the most intense pain and felt like it was going to crumble. I fell to the ground aaand haven’t been able to walk on it since ???? I just had an MRI so fingers crossed it’s nothing major because these legs are beyond ready to roll ???????????? #healtheknee #yakidding

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“As horrible as this time was, I learnt something important. I realised that although I’ve spent the past five years thinking I was half numb, I actually wasn’t at all,” she wrote.

“When you lose feeling in a part of your body, you wonder if you are missing out on something, if you are somehow having less of the human experience without this part. I wondered if maybe I would never feel whole when I couldn’t connect to the entire body I was living in.


“It’s only now that I can see how wrong I was. I may have spent the past 5 years without feeling in half of my body but I’ve felt more emotion than I ever even knew was possible.

“Maybe I can’t feel my legs anymore and maybe I never will, but I can feel absolutely everything else and it’s only now I’m realising how special that is.”


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New life, who dis?

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Last year Carey celebrated five years of “living in extra time” after the accident that could have killed her and spoke about her feeling of being “lucky”.

“I thought I’d by far exceeded any amount of luck a person was allowed to get in one life time,” she wrote on Instagram.

“I survived a near free-fall from the sky. I got to walk again after being paralysed. I got given this platform to share all of my thoughts.

“By far the luckiest thing I’ve ever been blessed with is the people I love.”

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