Why The Bachelor's Emily wishes she got more screen time.


For most of this season of The Bachelor, there was a contestant that honestly… We didn’t really know was there.

Flash forward to that ridiculous pool group date, where two bachelorettes battled it out in a Zorb ball for one-on-one time with Nick, and suddenly we’re all like “Hello Emily, lovely to meet you but where the heck have you been?”

The 24-year-old Canberra dance teacher was one of two sent home by the Honey Badger in Thursday night’s episode and speaking to Mamamia, she said it was unfortunate that audiences didn’t get to see the connection she built with Nick.

She called the chat they had after she won the weird Zorb challenge her “hour of power”.

“It just came out of nowhere and we really vibed and connected straight off the bat,” she said.

“There definitely were moments that justified me being there even though unfortunately I wasn’t red hot for air time this season. I was there and I was giving it 100%, I promise!

“At one point I taught Nick how to salsa because I also teach Latin dance, so we shared our passion through dancing. We were really able to cover a fair bit of ground even though I wasn’t going on single dates.”

She said she would’ve loved to have watched back and remembered all the lovely moments they had.

Even so, Emily felt like it was her time to go.


“After my single date, even though it was really, really fun and it actually wasn’t as awkward as it came across on telly, we didn’t really get to connect again… I think it came too late, he bloody took his time to give me a chance and when he finally did I didn’t think it was in his capacity to let me in, I think it was a bit too late.”

She said she was 100% true to herself through the process, which may have been while she didn’t get much camera time while others… *cough* Cat *cough* Romy… Got nearly full episodes.

“I wasn’t going to change or do anything to get more screen time. I think maybe what contributed to that was that I was not involved in no drama at all.

Overall, Emily is pleased with how she came across on the show.

Every day it seems there’s 100 new rumours about what the heck is going on with Nick and the remaining bachelorettes…

Do Brooke really leave? Does Nick choose Britt and then break up with her after the show? What really happened between him and Cass before the show???


Thankfully, even those who were involved in the show can’t keep up.


“I’m embarrassed because I feel like as someone who’s been a part of the show that I should know a lot more than I do,” Emily said.

“I’ve been listening and reading all the rumours and I’ve been trying to piece it all together, trust me I’m in the same boat. I’m so excited to find out what happens.”


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