Emily Skye has shared an honest photo of her body five days after giving birth.

Emily Skye has shared an honest photo of her post baby body.

Skye, 32, welcomed a baby girl into the world five days ago. She named her little girl Mia.

Posting on Instagram, the health and fitness expert said she barely recognised herself in the mirror.

“I’m far from a ‘glam mum’,” she began.

“I currently live in what you could call ‘granny undies’, it hurts to do much with the stitches from my episiotomy, and feeding is extremely painful – I had no idea it would be this bad!”


The new mum said her back was still really sore when she walked around and she felt like her insides were going to fall out.

Skye said her pregnancy was not what she thought it was going be and she admitted she had initially thought she would be back exercising in no time.

“I was sick a lot of the time and had back pain that made it hard to just walk around the house,” she wrote.

“I ended up gaining over 21kg during my pregnancy in fat, fluid, baby, placenta etc.”

While many people told her she would “bounce right back” after giving birth, that has definitely not been the case.

“It’s only five days after I gave birth to Mia and I look about six or so months pregnant,” she wrote.

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“I can tell I’m going to have a LOT of hard work ahead of me to get fit and strong again which I KNOW I can do but it’s not my priority right now – spending this time with my daughter is.

“Getting my ‘body back’ can take a back seat for the time being… I’ll get there in a realistic time frame and I refuse to put pressure on myself to get there.”

Skye finished off her post by saying how blessed she was to have baby Mia in her life.

“I look at her and start crying because of the overwhelming love I have for her and I love my body SO much for growing this precious little person.”