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Emily says she was "blind drunk" when she walked out of The Bachelor.

When in doubt, drink.

Any reality TV producer worth her salt knows that DRAMA is the aim of the game.

How does one create a veritable powder-keg of said drama? Just add alcohol to an already ridiculously contrived situation and reach for the popcorn.

Emily Simms, one of the ladies vying for The Bachelor‘s Sam Woods’ heart and loins (isn’t loins the most disturbing word? Loins), reckons she knew she was on her way out during the regular Rose Ceremony cocktail fiasco and so decided to get herself shitfaced in preparation.

Emily is shocked and mortified at being called “highly strung”.

Great plan, lady! Show him what he’s missing out on.

“I had decided to walk out that morning. I told Ebru when we were in hair and makeup that I had had enough of the lies, the fake bullshit. I was at breaking point,” she wrote on Instagram.

Watch the DRAMATIC WALK-OUT right here… Post continues after video.

Video via Channel 10

“I just wanted to go home. So I decided to get myself blind drunk (you can see me slurring my words in the car), and numb myself from it.”

That’s very interesting, Emily Simms, considering you said you were certain you’d make it to the top two in that same episode.

“So I says to Sam, I says…wait, what was I saying?” Emily Simms reckons she was drunk during last night’s Bach.

Simms stormed out before she could be rejected by Woods during the Rose Ceremony, thereby achieving her lifelong goal of never being dumped, ever.

The tanty occurred after Woods told her she’s “highly strung”. What a crazy thing to say. Highly strung people don’t just get wasted and storm out of things.

She also wrote on Instagram that Woods had behaved “poorly”.

Happier times.

If by poorly she means having 20 girlfriends at the SAME TIME then I would be inclined to agree.

Simms appeared on the show of respected radio broadcasters Kyle and Jackie O this morning to emphasise her two points: she was drunk and Sam isn’t very nice.

“Don’t take everything at face value. Not everyone who comes across as sweet as pie, are sweet as pie,” she said.

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