Emily Ratajkowski defends herself against journalist who called her the 'rudest' celebrity.

Emily Ratajkowski has labelled an Australian journalist’s harsh comments about her a classic case of “sexism”.

Reporter Jonathon Moran publicly slammed the 27-year-old for being the “rudest and most difficult celebrity” he’s ever met.

Now, in a leaked conversation, the Daily Mail has published her response to the claims.

“It’s extremely disappointing that in 2018 when a woman makes a business decision to protect herself, she is still called ‘difficult’,” the 27-year-old wrote in an Instagram direct message.

“Attempting to slander a woman’s name because she wouldn’t talk to you? I’d say that’s pretty classic sexism.”

Emily had been described as “rude” and “difficult” after she was in Sydney for last week’s GQ Men of the Year Awards.

Jonathon, a Nova 969 radio host and Daily Telegraph chief entertainment reporter, wrote in an Instagram post, “Em Rata behind the scenes is a completely different person to the incredibly well-spoken woman [she is on stage]”.


Speaking to Mamamia last week, Moran said he had been in contact with Ratajkowski’s management team “for weeks” leading up to the event to have interview questions pre-approved, but on the night, she apparently refused to speak to him.

“You know, we get these big names out here and we have all these rules about what we can and can’t ask, and I’m sick of it,” he said. “It’s not journalism.”

Describing the run-in, Moran said Ratajkowski and her management team were “rude”.

“She was late – so I thought she’d start by apologising, but she just acknowledged me in a really rude way.

“She said ‘wait, who are you?’ and wouldn’t answer my questions, then she walked around me to speak to her manager who then told me she wouldn’t be speaking to media.”

“I’d been pushed out to speak to her on the red carpet in front of all the cameras,” he added.

Explaining that he was incredibly moved by her acceptance speech, Moran called the experience “a real shame”.

“Her speech was beautiful – I think it’s great that she spoke about wearing a bikini on the beach and at a protest – that’s female empowerment and I stand for that.”

But after his unfortunate encounter, he said his opinion of the model has somewhat changed.

“People have their public faces and their private faces.

“You know, all you had to do was say ‘I’m happy to be in Australia’. It’s your job…you’re here to sell a perfume and I’m here to write an entertainment report, we’re not curing cancer,” he added of the Paco Rabanne spokeswoman.

“I’ve interviewed far more famous and interesting people than her…I’ve interviewed Beyonce and Madonna…and Em Rata is definitely one of the worst.”

Model Jordan Barrett, who accompanied Emily on the red carpet at the GQ awards, had a different take on events.

Jordan told the Daily Mail that the award-winner was “super respectful” to the media, adding that she was “being pulled at by three different people in different directions”.

“She was just following what everyone was telling her to do. She was not rude. She’s a gem who works hard and is genuine,” he said.

Mamamia reached out to Emily Ratajkowski’s management team on  Thursday, but they declined to comment.