FLUFF: Emily Blunt says hilariously awful thing about Tom Cruise.

Emily Blunt never wanted to be in a movie with Tom Cruise.

Like, ever.

In 2005, she actually vowed that she’d rather do badly paid theatre for the rest of her life than ever accept a role as a spear carrier in a Tom Cruise movie.

Harsh, right? But noble.

To be fair, at the time she probably thought a) She might never get famous enough to have that choice or b) The fallout from that comment was a problem for Future Emily Blunt.

Naturally, now that Emily is starring in a huge action blockbuster with Tom Cruise — Edge of Tomorrow looks like some kind of robot apocalypse film — she’s denied she ever said that. Because it’s probably extremely awkward to be in a Tom Cruise movie with Tom Cruise, having valiantly vowed never to be in a Tom Cruise movie with Tom Cruise.

(As a side note, Emily seems to be the kick-ass hero of this weird sciencey film so we actually think 2005 Emily Blunt might be OK with this role).

Emily and Tom in Edge of Tomorrow.

Emily probably wanted to pretend that she never said a bad word about her co-star/buddy Tom Cruise. But, ah, then a journalist called Helena de Bertodano at The Telegraph reminded her. #awkward

“I never said that!” Emily protested. “What an awful thing to say.”

But, Helena had evidence. She whipped out a clipping from a 2005 article that had the exact quote in it. Emily roared with laughter at the sight of it, and immediately owned it. “That is so funny,” she said. “Well, at least I’m not a spear carrier.” 

Presumably to cover up Past Emily Blunt’s mistake, Current Emily Blunt explained how awesome T-Cruise is to work with: “That’s the wonderful thing about Tom: he doesn’t take himself that seriously and he is very self-effacing.”

The 31-year-old actress is also a new mama, having given birth to baby Hazel with her husband, 33-year-old John Krasinski 3 months ago.

One day, when she’s old, enough, Hazel will freaking love this story about her funny mama.

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