KELLY MCCARREN: 'The 4-in-1 complexion product I swear by (that’s under $30).'

If you're a dame who loves a good beauty recommendation, please tell us you listen to the You Beauty podcast. Oh, you do? Thank goodness! Because it's full of 'em.

But every now and then we get a whiff of something so spectacular, that we just have to write about it and tell approximately every person who'll listen.

And friend, this is one of those times. 

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On a recent Spendy Savey episode, co-host Kelly McCarren talked about a four-in-one skincare product she can't stop using. And turns out Leigh Campbell is very well acquainted with it, too.

It's the Embryolisse Lait-Crème Concentré Multi-Function Moisturiser, $27 — and it's way more than just a moisturiser.

"Lucy Neville (another YouBeauty host) keeps talking about the Embryolisse Lait-Crème Concentré. And she would say 'Oh, every single makeup artist has it in their kit," Kelly explained. 

And they do! Just ask Leigh.

"My friend is a makeup artist in Paris and it's in her kit," she shared. "It's a French brand." 


We love French skincare!

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She added, "I think there's also some new variants, such as a fragrance-free one. They've extended the range since the first original blue and white version went cult status. It's very good."

Kelly said, "I went to Priceline — it's also on special at Chemist Warehouse at the time of recording for $19 — it's so beautiful under makeup. It's not even thick actually it's just a very nourishing moisturiser."

Great for travel, this gem is a serious moisturiser and can be used as a daytime moisturiser alone or under makeup. Not only can it be used as a moisturiser, but also a hydrating primer under makeup, cleanser, flash-mask, and after-shave balm.

The best part? As Kelly said, you can grab it at the chemist for a pretty affordable price, and you can also get it in a bunch of different sizes. 

"I chose the 30ml size just because I wanted to give it a proper go," shared Kelly.

Here's what it looks like, in case you haven't seen it kicking around just yet:

Image: Priceline/Canva.


Featuring ingredients like aloe vera, soy protein, shea butter and beeswax, this formula is silky non-comedogenic and lightweight, with an invisible finish.

"It really does make your skin look bouncy," said Kelly. "They call it a 'miracle cream' and I wouldn't disagree!"

And look, if this isn't a glowing review, we don't know what is!

Have you tried this product before? What are your thoughts? Share with us in the comment section below.

Feature image: Instagram/@kelly_mccarren.

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