Nat donated her embryos, but was told no child was born. Then she saw a baby on Facebook...

When Natalie Parker donated three embryos to a woman in need, it was under the understanding that she and her husband would be able to maintain contact with any resulting children.

She simply wanted to foster some semblance of a relationship with them, for her two little boys to know their siblings.

But Natalie says that agreement was broken by a woman who was implanted with the embryo – but then lied about the pregnancy.

The Parkers were told by IVF Australia that their recipient’s pregnancy was unsuccessful. But, Natalie told Fairfax Media that she found photographs proving that the clinic had been mislead – and her stolen embryo was now a healthy baby.

After locating the woman on Facebook, Natalie spotted pictures of a little boy who appeared to have been born close to nine months after the embryo donation was made. Furthermore, the child apparently bore a striking resemblance to Natalie’s three-year-old son, Hugo.

"I think she had baby lust," Ms Parker told Fairfax Media. "She was just thinking about the baby, and now she's got the baby she wants to enjoy it herself and not acknowledge it's got other connections outside the family."

The Facebook account was deleted just one day after Natalie made the discovery, and Fairfax were unable to get in touch with the woman.

IVF Australia is reportedly investigating the case, while the New South Wales government are considering strengthening assisted reproduction laws as a result.

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