12 people share the most embarrassing moment from their first day of work.

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There are few moments as nerve-wracking as the first day at a new job. You want to make the right impression and be taken seriously, all while attempting to befriend your co-workers. No pressure.

So when something goes wrong it can wreak havoc on your stress levels. Especially when that something is a little… embarrassing.

But there is comfort in numbers, and if you’ve been there rest assured you’re not alone. Here, we bring you 12 brave souls who have lived to tell the downright embarrassing moments they endured on their first day of a new job. Here’s hoping first impressions don’t really last, right…?

1. “Don’t road rage…”

“Long story short, don’t road rage or flip off other drivers until you know what your new boss drives…” – Mynock33 

2. “I blew my nose and ended up farting.”

“I had a terrible cold. I blew my nose and ended up farting at the same time. Everyone heard me, one girl started cracking up and I heard my boss go ‘Karen!’ to get her to stop.” – babylina

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3.  “I took a dump next to my boss.”

“I unknowingly took a dump next to my boss. We both had pretty nasty shits, and when we got out of the stalls things were awkward for a bit. We now laugh about it every now and then.” –Anonymous. 

4. “The first meal ended up all over a woman’s lap.”

“On my first day as a waiter (and first day of work in my life), the first meal I carried out ended up all over a woman’s lap rather than on the table in front of her. Luckily she was sympathetic and I got a $10 tip out of it,” – im_a_hex (Post continues after gallery.)

5. “I made my mark as the klutzy bleeding girl.”

“On my way back from my lunch break on the first day of an internship I tripped up the stairs, somehow broke off part of the toenail on my big toe, even though I was wearing closed-toed shoes. I was bleeding pretty profusely for such a small injury, so I had to hobble back in to the very small office and timidly ask if anyone had a band-aid. No one did, so I had to go to the company next door and ask. They did not speak English. Fortunately, through the power of pantomime, I got a band-aid from them, but I had already made my mark as the klutzy bleeding girl.” – sparrow_one

6. “I insulted my manager.”

“This guy put ‘Well, YOLO’ on his description of why he wanted to work here. He got the job and it turns out he was so good at his job he is now the floor manager. This is my first day, and when I heard about it, he asked me, ‘How do you like your first day?’ [I replied,] ‘It’s pretty good. I applied for this job because, well YOLO.’ It turns out it was just a rumour and he had no idea what it meant. So when I said that he took it as an insult. He got really pissed. I don’t work there any more.” – kingswallet

 7. "I flipped over a desk and fell. In a skirt."

"I'm a teacher. I flipped over a desk and fell. In a skirt. With a thong underneath. Whoops. Lesson learned ... I simply laughed it off and told the class that they now knew everything they needed to know about me, so let's get on with learning about something else. Anything else." - lustywench99

8. "All I did was apologise to hundreds of people."

"My first (and only) day working at a clothing retailer on their famous [sale]. They hired a bunch of new people specifically for this event, and gave us all our own small sections of the store to work. There was no training before-hand. For my entire shift, all I did was fold t-shirts and apologise to hundreds of people for not being able to answer any of their questions. Not once did a manager walk by to ask me how I was doing. It was a disaster." - old_dwarf_heart

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9. "I destroyed my future boss' telephone."

"So I'm 16 years old and applying to work for a large high street retailer. I'm asked to meet with the store manager for an interview. So we do the interview without drama, he then asks me to fill out paperwork. All is going well. What I don't realise is that while I'm filling out paperwork, my anxious feet have managed to get some cabling wrapped around them.

"The manager asks me to follow him, I stand and stride proudly forward - the cable now wrapped firmly around my foot pulls at the wall, becomes detatched and furiously yanks his phone from the wall. It lands and explodes into a dozen pieces, far beyond repair. An awkward moment ensues; our eyes meet, neither willing to pick an emotion. 'Sorry' I stammer, paralysed by youthful social awkwardness whilst naively wondering whether I was now fired." - seopher

10. "I spilled the boss's full cup of coffee."

"Spilled the boss's full cup of coffee on the desk full of prints that he was drafting for days. Not a good day." - jacketsBlue

 11. "It was the worst day of my life."

"First, pull out your school parking lot and rear-end a car, bringing the bumper off as you leave the scene. Second, go to your first day on the job at a fast food restaurant and mop the bathrooms. Don't bother asking how to use the mop, and flood the bathroom floor. Watch a woman walk into the bathroom and immediately fall on her ass. Think about that sign that you should've put up saying 'Wet Floor'. Get yelled at by the manager and then start crying.

Leave your mop on the flooded bathroom floor. Go to your damaged car to cry. Leave and quit your job. Go home and tell your parents someone hit your car and left the scene. In a few weeks sign an affidavit on how you weren't adequately shown how to use the mop and was left to your devices for the woman who is suing Burger King for medical damages. Also, parents find out you lied about your car, pay the fine and insurance fees for the next three years and have your license revoked until you are 18. Yep, worst day of my life." - Melmoe

12. "I was going on and on about car insurance... to a life insurance firm."

"I went to work for an insurance company. First day they asked me to sell the product to them as best as I can. I was going on and on about car insurance and they stopped me and had to explain that I would be selling life insurance." - deltaorpheus18

What is the worst thing that has happened to you on your first day of a job?