Dad's awkward full-page newspaper ad about his 48-year-old son.

My dad’s done one or two things to make me cringe, but nothing compares to this.

I’m not quite sure what was going through Arthur Brooks’ mind when he made a full-page advertisement for his son Baron, but hey, I’m gonna give him props for creativity. I just don’t think many dads would consider forking out $900 to a local newspaper in the hopes of finding their 48-year-old son a wife, and I can’t help but appreciate the endeavour.

Even if that endeavour was a wild, WILD misfire that has since gone viral far beyond its humble beginnings in Salt Lake City, Utah.

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Because, well… I don’t know about you, but if I was looking for a significant other, I wouldn’t reaaaaally want my dad to be the search party. And while Baron may be a super cool, dateable, husbandable dude, dad Arthur certainly hasn’t made him seem that way. Actually, Arthur’s made him seem like the exact opposite.

Because ‘you must be attractive, being height and weight proportional’ doesn’t scream “MARRY ME I’M A TOTAL CATCH”, it more screams “I REALLY DO NOT LIKE CHUBBY CHICKZ, ALRIGHT?”.

Same goes for ‘I would expect that if we have children you would be a stay at home mum.’ (Yep… just… yep. BYO stove and sandwich press, laydeez.)

And, to cap things off, here’s another one that really made me tempted to leave my boyfriend, move to Utah and begin a textbook romance with Baron: “If you voted for Obama or plan to vote for Hillary you are not for me.” (I joke… but that would make for a good story.)

Anyway. It’s an interesting piece of artistry to say the very least. You can check out the full ad, in all of its cringeworthy glory, below (I had to section it into bits, because it looks like ol’ mate Arthur got really invested in the creative process).

So, tell me. Who's keen?

... Anyone?

.... Annnnyoooooone?

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