"The beauty advice I wish I could go back and tell my younger self."

We’ve all experienced more awkward style moments than we’d care to remember. It’s just a pity we’ve got the photos to remind us.

Looking back on my teenage years in particular, I know a few wise words would have helped me steer clear of the horrid hair-dos and the pancake makeup.

We quizzed the Mamamia office for beauty advice we wish we could tell our younger selves – if only we had a time machine.

1. Those poor eyebrows.

Oh, the horrors they've been through.

"Don't pluck your eyebrows into oblivion - they take forever to grow back!" - Nicolle

"Shaving between your eyebrows is NEVER a good idea. You will pay the price for years to come." - Sophie (Post continues after gallery.)


2. That pancake face

Probably the most common area for beauty mistakes (besides those brows).

"Get properly matched when buying foundation, rather than hazarding a guess and looking either like a ghost or Donald Trump" - Brittany

"Apply concealer WITH foundation - people can see those unblended dots on your face." - Jess

"Bronzer is not a setting powder! Although designed to 'bring warmth' to your face, don't apply it to your ENTIRE face. The outcome is self-explanatory." - Lauren

"Bring your foundation BELOW YOUR JAWLINE!" - Michelle

Watch: A makeup artist shares the four foundation myths we need to stop believing. (Post continues after video.)

3. Hair has feelings, too.

"Don't straighten your hair so much - it's OK (and great!) to have curly hair." - Brittany

"Soaking a comb in distilled vodka and combing it through your hair will make your hair slightly lighter, but it will damage your hair, and you will regret it." - Lauren

"Don't follow trends - just stick to what suits you. Oh, and chopsticks NEVER belong in your hair." - Edwina

"Don't use 'Sun In' unless you want yellow (and damaged) hair." - Jessie

4. Say bye bye to panda eyes.

"Heavy black eyeliner/eyeshadow does not make you look cool. But it WILL make you look like a panda." - Rachel


5. Take care of those lips.

"Do not apply layer-upon-layer-upon-layer of lipgloss - it may make your lips look great in the short term, but long term you'll end with Sahara desert-like lips. Trust me!" - Sophie

6. 'Oompa Loompa' tans are NOT cool.

"When it comes to fake tan, less is more (believe me). " - Jessie

7. Less is more.

"Copious amounts of makeup will not make you look older - you'll just look like a three-year-old who got into their mum's makeup stash." - Lauren

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