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Email 2900 people + other ways to meet your partner.

Oh how I love this story about the guy who sent an email to 2 900 people in his department in a bid to track down a girl he met at a party. GOD BLESS YOU STEVE TUCKER. If only there were more romantics in the world.

According to the Canberra Times

Steve Tucker

” Thirty-year-old Steve Tucker, who works in the Department of Immigration and Citizenship in Belconnen, sent an email to 2900 colleagues in the hope of finding the housemate of a woman he met at the weekend.

Within hours, the heartfelt but awkward message had gone viral, as staff forwarded it to other workplaces across the country.

Mr Tucker directed his broadcast email to the woman’s housemate, who he said worked at Immigration.

He wrote of the woman he met, whose name was Olivia, ”She left a strong and positive impression on me. Unfortunately, people got in the way after we met and I didn’t get to finish our meeting how I wanted to. This has been bugging me ever since.”

He asked the unknown housemate to ”kindly let Olivia know that I would like to get in contact with her or alternatively get in touch with myself, I will be very appreciative.”

He acknowledged his email was ”not the most appropriate channel”, but said, ”I have struggled to write and send this message. It has taken all of my willpower to do so. Life is too short for regret.”

While Mr Tucker was the butt of jokes across Australia yesterday, he may yet suffer more severe sanctions. A departmental spokeswoman confirmed Mr Tucker had sent an ”inappropriate email” and was now under investigation. ”An appropriate action will be taken,” she said, but added, ”It’s not a sackable offence.”

Let’s leave aside, for a moment, the fact that Olivia was tracked down and refused to have anything to do with poor Steve. He put himself out there and I bet there will be a few date requests in his inbox. If he still hasn’t one and isn’t currently down at Centrelink having been fired for breaching some dull company code.

How did YOU meet your partner? Did you contravene any Government Acts?

My story is not that thrilling but it worked. Our close friends had been together for several years and yet we’d never met. They had a BBQ one weekend for all their single friends because they were sick of only hanging out with other couples. Jason and I locked eyes when he walked onto the balcony and that was it. Truly, that was it. He was my One. Still is.

How about you? If you’re currently single, what’s the most interesting way you hooked up with someone in the past?

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