Em Rusciano says Tom Gleeson was "horrible" to her for years. But there's a happy ending.

Em Rusciano has spoken of her once fractured relationship with comedian Tom Gleeson, just weeks after appearing on Hard Chat, the segment he hosts on The Weekly.

In an interview with Wil Anderson on his Wilosophy podcast, Rusciano raised their once-splintered relationship in the context of having found it difficult to prove herself as a comedian to older men in the industry.

“I did Hard Chat a couple of weeks ago with [Tom] Gleeson and he’s someone who’s been horrible to me for a decade,” she said, before flagging the story does have a “happy ending”.

“[It was] like I don’t exist, he flat out ignored me for two hours on a flight and I got the call to come [on his show] and I was like, ‘Are you sure?'”

While Anderson said he was “too scared to go on Hard Chat”, Rusciano said she was not fazed by the jabs that came.

“I am bullet proof when it comes to that stuff.”

Namely, Gleeson took aim at Rusciano’s radio show ratings, having hosted 2DayFM’s breakfast show in Sydney since early 2017.

“You’re currently on breakfast radio with Grant Denyer and Ed Kavalee,” Gleeson said at the time. “There’s three of you in the studio… is that more than the number of listeners you have?”

Rusciano wasn’t bothered by the dig, saying: “Yes, by one.”

In the most recent round of radio ratings, Rusciano’s show posted a one point gain, demanding a 4.4 point share of the Sydney breakfast market.